Random Writing (2)


20. Harry Imagine for Katie

Harry Imagine For Katie

“Katie…Katie. Katie. Katieeee. Katie! KATIE!" Harry scream-whines.

You grumble and open your eyes. “What Harold?” You ask through your gritted teeth.

He blushes a bit. “I am sorry love, I didn’t mean to be rude and wake you from your slumber… I’m just not tired…. I want to talk.” He says with an innocent smile.

You sigh and sit up, leaning back against the headboard, hands rested on your seven month pregnant belly. “Okay Styles, speak.” You tried not to snap back.

He laughs. “Baby name needs to be chosen, Styles.” He beams a one-hundred watt smile at you.

You giggle and ponder some names. “Hmm… You have any?” You inquire, your mind too tired to think on the drop of a dime.

He purses his lips and cups his chin with one abnormally large hand before he snaps his fingers, eyes lighting up. “Haven or Mikey.”

You shake your head, feeling a bit guilty at his disappointed expression. “Uh…maybe….” You try to come up with something quick to get that smile back on his cheeky face.

He shakes his head and lets a small simper cover his angelic face. “It is okay lovely. I understand.”

You nod, still feeling a bit guilty. “Come up with some more.” You smile halfheartedly and he nods, both of you thinking hard.

Not even a minute later you both grin at each other, eyes locked and state in unison “Colin and Darcy.”

You grin and nod. “I love them. Lets see if baby does.”

Harry leans over your distended stomach and whispers “Are you a Darcy? Or a Colin? Or do you want to be something else?”

Instantly there’s a sharp kick, causing you to laugh and take a surprised breath.

“Baby Styles loves it!” You grin and Harry laughs.

“And I love you.” He mutters before he presses his red lips to your pink ones.

You kiss back with a smile, both of your hands resting on your belly where the small, fluttery kicks are taking place.

A/N: Okay, this sucks and came out nothing like I had hoped. I am so so so sorry Katie. Hopefully this will help; GO FOLLOW HER AT stylesatemysoul.tumblr.com She is super nice, go follow her as a consultation for this crappy imagine.

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