Random Writing (2)


29. El Imagine for Kylee

My phone rang and I raced across the room to pick it up. I saw the caller I.D. and almost jumped out of my skin with joy. I answered it quickly, suppressing my happiness “Hello love!” I grinned and chewed my lip nervously as the wonder called Kylee answered. “Hey love, I was wondering if you’d like to go out to the cinema with me.” I almost screamed in joy, but I held it back and just said nonchalantly “Sure! Be right over!” We both said a quick goodbye and I went and changed into a deep purple sundress. When I arrived at Kylees’ house I honked the horn of my Porsche and she skipped outside lightly. I felt as if I could fly seeing her awe-inspiring beauty. I hid it and just smiled at her as she climbed in. “I have missed you so!” I practically yelled as I squeezed her in a bear hug. She agreed and I drove to the theatre, when we walked in we decides on Monsters University. Halfway through the movie and I had yet to even look at the screen, my eyes only focused on Kylee and whatever her reactions may be to a particular scene. She finally glanced over and whispered “Is there a reason you’re staring, El?” I shook my head quickly as a blush creeped up my neck and onto my cheeks. She smiled and pulled me out and to the back of the cinema. I was about to ask what she was doing when her sweet, plump and lusciously pink lips were on my cherry glossed ones. I kissed back in an instant and after three minutes we pulled away, our hearts beating crazily and both of us grinning like mad. “W-what was that for?” I ask stunned yet relieved that she reciprocated my feelings towards her. She shrugs and mumbles “I thought you liked me that way….” She looked a bit ashamed and started to walk away when I pulled her close and kissed her sweetly again. This time when we pulled apart I was panting and she was grinning. We both said in unison “Best night of my life, ever.”

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