Random Writing (2)


9. Cute couple moments

NIALL: You and Niall had gone out for ice cream,since it was so hot. You ordered two cones of cookie dough ice cream and ate as you walked. You sat on a park bench laughing and talking, about halfway through a story about the boys riding bikes naked at midnight, your ice cream fell off the cone landing on the ground with a “plop.” You fake frowned and Niall smiled offering you his. “No,baby, I can’t take that. It’s okay.” You smile reassuringly. Niall shakes his head and hands it to you, grinning. You sigh and nod in thanks. As you start to lick the edges Niall leans over and bites it, efficiently smashing it into your face. He stands and turn to run, you chasing him all the way home, laughing the whole time.

ZAYN: A day out in London was nice, until it started pouring. You shrieked as the cold water slipped down your back. Zayn grabbed your hand to run home, but halfway there he stopped. “What the hel-” he cut your protest off with a passionate kiss. At first you were confused, but you kisses back. After a minute he pulled away grinning. “Magic.” You both said in unison. You proceeded to play in the puddles, thoroughly drenching yourselves before you walked home, hand-in-hand.

LIAM: You had started cooking dinner for when Liam arrived home, but you soon found yourself jamming to your iPod. Just as you were singing ” Kiss You” Liam walked in, he gripped your hips. You jumped a bit, but turned around to be pummeled by his lips against yours. You giggles pulling away. You two started dancing and scream singing whatever songs came on. Just as “Dynamite” went off Liam stopped and looked at you. “Did you start dinner?…” Your eyes widened and you ran to the kitchen, only to find a pan full of burnt chicken. “It’s alright,love. I’ll order in pizza.” You smiled and nodded in agreement.

LOUIS: You and Louis had been doing nothing all day,it being Louis’ first day off in a while. You had devoured a few pizzas and decided to lay on the couch and watch a movie. After a bit of banter you both decided on a Friends marathon instead of a movie. About halfway through the second season, you fell asleep in Louis’ arms. You woke up a whole later, your mind hazed with sleep.

” Go back to sleep,baby. its okay.” Louis whispered quietly. You shut your eyes as he layers your head on a pillow.

HARRY: You were backstage talking to Harry about the interview he was about to do. Paul popped his head in “You’re on Harry.” Harry stood, before he could leave you kissed him passionately. He grinned ” I will be back for you.” He turned and walked out. As soon as he sat on the interviewers couch you realized his lips were covered in your lipstick…which was a bright red. It was eye catching and everyone noticed quickly. No one mentioned it though. At the end they were talking fan questions, one young girl stood up. ” Excuse me, Harry, but why are your lips blood red?” Harry’s eyes widen and he blushed as red as his lips. The interviewer ended the interview at that moment, the audience caught in an uproar of laughter. Harry hopped up running backstage to you. ” You are so dead!” You giggled and nodded walking back with him.

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