Random Writing (2)


28. Breathe



Like the end of sad movie. The kind you don’t wanna see, cuz its tragedy and it’ll only bring you down.

Months of sitting in this hospital bed, slowly losing the battle. Niall had been there through it all, but you always told him to leave. Remember as I was, not as I am. You always said. He never left though. He couldn’t, he was in love with you, you were his world. He knew there wasn’t much of a chance you’d make it, but he still had hope. That hope burned out slowly, wavering as the days passed like molasses. Then, one day, he woke up to see you looking paler and more frail than usual. He didn’t freak, he saw the look on your face saying it was the end. He had to hold back tears, stroking your cold cheek gently, fingertips barely ghosting the skin. It was like the end of a sad movie you knew you shouldn’t watch. It would only break your heart and make you sad, but you did it anyway. Niall watched your body grow limp, the dull brightness in your eyes fading out slowly, the life leaving your body.


Never wanted this, never wanted to See you hurt.

Harry watched as the tears streaked down your reddened cheeks. His throat was closing up and he was close to crying himself.

He had never meant to hurt you. It had just….happened. He had never meant for you to find out. She was just a fling, but it still hurt you. It was like a stab through the heart. Only, Harry felt more like his heart shattered into pieces as you stormed out the front door. He had no way of knowing when or if you’d be back, and that hurt just as bad as it hurt you to see him kissing another girl.


No one here to save me. You’re the only thing I know like the back of my hand.

Zayn knew your past. You hadn’t always been the happiest of people. He didn’t want to leave you, but he had to. Tour seemed to be both of your worst enemies now. At night was when you were the worst. So, as Zayn laughed with the boys and sung on stage to millions of girls you cried your eyes out. You tried to just sleep and ignore it all, but it wasn’t working. No one was there to save you from yourself. Zayn knew you so well, he could tell you more about yourself than you could and he wasn’t here to help. So, you sat and cried. Every. Single. Night. Until he came back.


It’s two A.M., feeling like I just lost a friend. I hope you know it’s not easy, easy for me.

Liam had asked you out. Being who you were, you said no. You loved him, you did. But you couldn’t say yes, he would just break your heart like every other guy ever has. He went straight home after the fiasco, not able to hold back tears. You called, texted, emailed, everything. You had even went to his house. After pounding on the front door for hours you slumped down on his front porch. Tired and unable hold back the sad, frustrated sobs. Two A.M. and here you said crying your eyes out. Inside you knew Liam was fast asleep. You just hoped he knew this was no easier for you than it was for him.


We know its never simple, never easy. Never a clean break.

This was it. The end. Of your relationship with Louis at least. You couldn’t do anything about it. Long-distance hadn’t worked well when he was on tour. Now, you were going off to Ghana. You were going to help children in need for a few years. A good cause, but it still means Louis and you would have very limited contact, if any at all. Neither of you could handle that, therefore, the relationship had to end. It’s not simple or easy to end something when you’re both infatuated with each other. Louis had wanted to marry you, start a family. Now, that wasn’t going to happen. It wasn’t a clean break for you, or for him. But it had to be done.

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