Random Writing (2)


47. Blurbs

“Something keeps me holding on to nothing.”-Haunted, Taylor Swift.

I walked up to the small plot, the wind rustling the trees and my thing coat. I pull it tighter and kneel down in front of the chiseled rock. “Hi baby boo…” I mumble quietly and wipe at my barely tearing eyes. “You know, today I went to buy ice cream and bought two by mistake. That happens a lot, ya know?” You laugh sadly and get up after another hour of telling the grave stone about your day. “Okay babe, I’ve got to go.. Moms got me running errands for her.” You kissed your hand and rested it on the top before walking off, your hand lingering on the cool marble. You missed Harry like crazy. It was painful. Why did you act like he was there? What kept holding you on to nothing, on a sheer point in reality that would never change. Something, Something with a capital S.

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