Random Writing (2)


46. Blurbs

You have a hollowed out heart but it’s heavy in your chest I try so hard to fight but it’s hopeless, you’re hopeless. (For the love of a daughter.

Harry had tried to help you. Trying to help you fix your hollowed out, broken, heart. It had always been a heavy weight in your chest, a burden on your shoulders. He kept trying to fight for you with everything he had in him. It was futile, though. There was no reason to keep fighting, not for either of you.

"You stumbled through a long good by, one last kiss and catch your flight right when I was just about to fall. I told myself don’t get attached, but in my mind I’m playing back, spinning faster than the plane that took you." Come Back…Be Here by Taylor Swift.

His words were fast and blurred, smushed together and barely understandable. He kissed you passionately, but it was way too short. He smiled sadly and sprinted off. You wanted to love Harry, you did. Loving him seemed right and fair. But you weren’t allowed to get attached. You couldn’t, to much pain came with that. You remembered how you met. At a bar… A drunken mistake was what you were. Until the next morning when he awoke to the sound of your nearly inaudible footsteps walking out the door. He stopped you. Claiming he wanted to know you better… Better than he had in bed at least. It replayed repeatedly, faster than the plane that jetted off to who knows where.. Faster than the plane that took him away from his drunken mistake.

“But if I fall for you, I’ll never recover. If I fall for you, I’ll never be the same. I really wanna love somebody. I really wanna dance the night away.” Love Somebody, Maroon 5.

All Niall wanted was to love someone. And when he met you he wasn’t sure anymore. He knew If he feel hed never recover, never be the same. He wanted to love someone, hold someone. And just dance the night away.

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