Random Writing (2)


45. Blurbs

So, now I guess this is where we have to stand. Did you regret ever holding my hand? Never again. Please don’t forget. Don’t forget. (Don’t Forget, Demi Lovato.

You thought he had been ‘The One’. Your soulmate. Apparently not. Why else would he cheat? Okay, maybe not just cheat…. Something had to be wrong with the relationship, otherwise he wouldn’t have cheated six times. The only thing you wondered was if he ever regretted holding your hand. It took him three movies and two bags of popcorn a to strike up enough courage to do that. Now look where you both stand. You, broken and crying. Him, left alone outside and wondering why he did it. You weren’t ever going to let him in again, you just couldn’t handle that pain again. Your only hope? That he didn’t forget how much you loved him. Even now….(Niall)

The day I first met you, you told me you’d never fall in love. (Give your heart a break, Demi Lovato)

When you had first met Louis you told him you wouldn’t fall in love. When asked why you always shied away from the question and changed the subject. He was curious, but only asked every so often; he didn’t want to push you away or scare you off. One night, after a few to many shots, he was helping you home. You started going on and on about your ex. He never knew Tyrone, you having broken up with him previously. That night he learned why you were afraid to fall in love again. The physical and emotional roll from Tyrone being to scary to want to face again. Louis knew he could change that though. And years later, he had.

Well, never fall apart, cause we fit together right, we fit together right. (Okay, once again it was a Demi song. Sorry! I’m on shuffle, so I can’t help it. Sorry! It’s called Two Peices)

Always a perfect match. Before you came into Liam’s life it was like something was missing. When you finally did show up he was amazed. You two clicked instantly and it was like to connecting puzzle pieces. You couldn’t fall away from him, nor could you push him away. It just wasn’t possible, no matter how much you tried.

I saw in the corner there is a photograph

No doubt in my mind it’s a picture of you

Harry laid in bed. Holding back the impending tears as he scrolled through the hundreds of photos on his phone. Almost all of them were you and him. He looked away for a moment, out of the corner of his eye a framed photograph caught his attention. Without even looking he knew it was you. I mean, it was your childhood room. You two had come here to tell everyone the news of your engagement. Now, instead, here Harry sit. Hating himself and wishing he could take all the words he said back. He never meant to hurt you… He was just angry. One fight and he had let you walk out the door. He knew you’d be back, but he didn’t know when. Or if you’d still want to be Married.

I used to think that love was something fools made up cause all I knew was heart break. (Music Sounds Better With You, Big Time Rush.)

By the time you turned twenty and met the heartthrob named Zayn Malik, you had treaded your way through many boyfriends. All had dumped you. Each one breaking your heart a bit more. Zayn kept trying to talk you into a date of some sort, you always shot him down. One day you were just hanging out and you had fallen asleep. When you woke it was past midnight and there was no point in going home so you stayed. Zayn was up so you just started talking. At this time of night both of you were a bit more open and philosophical. You started telling him how love was something fools made up, he just stared at you. Suddenly, out of the blue, he laid a passionate kiss on your still moving lips. You kissed back and it felt like fireworks were going off in your body. When he pulled away, your lips still tingling with the sensation, he mumbled “Love is real. And you just felt the beginning of a lifelong love.” He kept that promise.

I’m feeling no limits, I’m seizing each minute. Don’t wanna, wanna just exist. (Rocket, The Wanted)

You had always been the shy, quiet girl. Never one to be outspoken. Well, that was until you met Harry. He showed you how to live life to the fullest. Even when he was busy you still followed that advice. You felt free, no limitations. You were to seize every minute of life, not just exist. You refused to let you life go to waste anymore.

As long as you love me we could be staving we could be homeless we could be broke.

Niall didn’t care whether or not you weren’t rich. He loved you and that was all that mattered. You were homeless when you met him, he had taken you in. Broke, homeless, and starving and he still loved you. It didn’t bother him. As long as you loved each other nothing else mattered.

But there’s a side to you that I never knew, never knew. All the things you’d say they were never true, never true.

You had always trusted Liam. With every fiber of your being you trusted him. He was the good boy of the group, ‘Daddy Direction’. He wouldn’t hurt you. Everyone knew he was ‘the perfect boy’. But there was a side no one knew. The side that didn’t care whether you died when he shoved you down the stairs. He laughed as you cried and begged for him to call an ambulance. It was then you realized nothing he ever said was true. He watched as you died in a pool of your own blood. Acting as if he was still perfect and humane around everyone else.

See you call me up again just to break me like a promise. So casually cruel in the name of being honest.All Too Well Taylor Swift

He had hurt you. Bad. Niall wasn’t just ‘the frat boy you hooked up with’ anymore. He was the guy that broke you into pieces. Every time he called it was break another promise. He acted as if it was normal to be so rude. Cruelty was nonchalant to him, crying was a specialty of every night for you. It had become routine and you didn’t like it.

One day when the sky is falling Ill be standing right next to you. And that’s from Next to You by Chris Brown and Justin Bieber

Louis promised to be there, always. No one ever believed that the world would end one December 21st. But the moment the hurricanes started Louis was by your side. He had promised you that he’d be there and he kept that promise. Standing right next to you as the sky fell.

"I don’t want wanna be afraid. I wanna wake up feeling beautiful, today. And know that I’m okay." Believe in Me, Demi Lovato

After another barrage of hate you just couldn’t handle it. You broke down to Zayn. Countless times this had happened. He felt horrible for bringing you into this, but he knew you wouldn’t have it any other way. You hadn’t always loved yourself, never actually. Zayn made you start to believe it. That was until the hate took it all away again. You both just wished you’d wake up and realize how beautiful you are; that you were okay. Simply put, you both wanted the hate to stop so you could be truly happy for once in your life.

"She’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress, woah. Soon she’s going to find stealing from people’s toys on the playground won’t make you many friends.” Better Than Revenge by Taylor Swift.

Harry had been your boyfriend for a few weeks. When you went out to the park some blond tramp decided he was hers. She wasn’t the lonely girl that Harry saw, everyone knew her. Kerrie. Then girl known to get every and any guy in bed with her. Well soon she would learn that stealing your man wouldn’t make her any new friends.

You won’t love me back, no it’s not you and I. (Tonight I’m getting over you, Carly Rae Jepsen)

You were in love with Liam. Sadly though, he didn’t love you back. You were just his friend with benefits, nothing more. Feelings weren’t meant to get in the way, but they did. There never would be any Liam and you, just the nights where you helped each other out….

Next lyrics: But, you’re so hypnotizing, you’ve got me laughing while I sing, you’ve got me smiling in my sleep.

And I can see this unraveling your love is where I’m falling.

But please don’t catch me…

Zayn was mesmerizing, everyone knew that. His warm brown eyes and mysterious look, it overshadowed any sense of safety or danger. He was a contradiction, and you loved it. He had you dancing and singing around the house, something you hadn’t done in ages. You were laughing while you sang and danced merrily. He said he watched you sleep, another thing to make you wonder about. You were always smiling as you slept he said, before he snuck away before your parent came to check on you. You could imagine every single day of your life spent with this man. It just unraveled and unfolded in your head like a marvelous story, something new and exciting with just enough ‘uhpm’ to push you over the edge. But as you fell for him, you didn’t want him to catch you. You wanted it to all just fall into place; like pieces of a puzzle.

And all I feel in my stomach is butterflies, the beautiful kind, making up for last time, taking flight making me feel like I just wanna know you better.

Last time you had gone out with Harry there had been…complications. Meaning, he accidentally pushed you into the foundation outside some posh party. Now, two months later on your first offices date, the butterflies were going crazy in the pit of your stomach. They sure made up for last time. They were beautiful, not embarrassment. They took flight and they took all your walls with them. You only wanted to know this curly haired boy better, never mind the fact that he had pushed you into a fountain.

And I just ran out of bandaid. I don’t even know where to start. Cause you can bandage the damage. You never really can fix a heart.

Niall wasn’t quite sure how to fix this. A few cuts and scrapes, easy peasy. He always had bandaids. Now it seemed, he had run out. He had no idea where to start, this wasn’t something as easy as a bruise. You can bandage the physical damage of a Wound. The mental damage, a heart shattering into millions of tiny shards, was so much harder. How to even start, he wasn’t quite sure. It was his daughter though, so he started with ice cream, and plenty of it.

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