Random Writing (2)


41. Blurbs

I remember your bare feet, down the hallway. I remember your little laugh.

You laid in bed going through the photo album again. Numerous pictures of Harry, Carson, and you strewn across the pages. You let out a small sigh, a few tears slipping from your eye as you flipped the page. You remembered when he ran from Harry while you were downstairs cooking dinner, his bare feet slapping across the wood paneling. His laugh always filled the house, Harry soon bellowing out in his own laughter as he hung him upside down and tickled him. You could imagine it, almost believing it to be real. He was only five when he had passed. The car accident leaving you a bit disabled with a child who had no hope of living. He was gone the minute the car was impacted.

I’m a lightweight, better be careful what you say. With every word I’m blown away. You’re in control of my heart.

Liam knew you were sensitive. Keeping this in mind he was always gentle and kind, making sure everyone around you was as well. About two years into the relationship he comes home and says he has a new song for you to listen to. Once you’re both comfortable on the patio he starts singing. You listen carefully, loving the song. But you’re blow away even further when you hear him sing your name. Before your heart had sped up slightly, his voice making butterflies flutter in your stomach. Your name in the loving song making it skip a few beats before sprinting. It was like every action he did controlled your heart.

Yet, there’s so much that you deserve. It’s from too close.

No one knew the true you. Most people knew the facade you put on. The happy, bubbly, always smiling girl. On the inside you were crying though. After you met Zayn things changed though. You were happier, lighter, more of the girl you pretended to be. Zayn always said you deserved a lot more than you got. But to get it you had to let people in. That meant trusting them… Not something you do often. It usually ends in tears and building your walls even higher. Zayn got as close as he could, gingerly stepping around certain subjects and always being there. He was the first to scale those walls and make everything so much better.

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