Random Writing (2)


6. Anger


LOUIS: I was hanging with the boys,just talking now. When all of a sudden [Y/N] burst through the front door. Before I could even murmur a “Hey” her lips were molded to mine,as if she has used glue. Her hands yanked my hair, hard. The boys coughed and grumbled trying to get her attention, but it didn’t work. I was losing focus on everything except her touch, her taste, just her. She stopped for a second to catch her labored breath as I panted, grinning from ear to ear. As I was about to ask what that was all about her lips connected to mine again, with such a force she almost knocked me over. The boys finally spoke up.

Niall hollering out ” Alright, what are you doing we’re right here in the same effing room!!!” Between passionate kisses she forced out her words in a cold clipped tone

"Letting” Kiss. “Out” Kiss. “My” Kiss. “Anger!” Kiss. I grunted under her velvety smooth yet powerful lips.

The boys eyes widened and Liam stuttered out ” Uh… We’ll uh..just b-be going now..” Harry cringed and Zayn looked like he was going to puke,as [Y/N]’s hands slid up my stomach, making me involuntarily shiver. They ran out the door, slamming it shut just as my shirt hit the floor.

HARRY: [Y/N] slammed through the front door of our flat. The sound resonating off the walls. Not knowing why she was mad, I did what any other guy in the world would do. I grabbed the leftover chocolate from the fridge, ran outside and cut a few flowers from the garden,and bolted back inside. As I hesitantly walked towards the door of our shared bedroom, I took a deep breath. I knocked, slightly the door opened. She looked out the slit of the door. When she saw what my hands were full of she threw open the door and practically flew into my arms. Deftly, I caught her. She kept murmuring soft “thank yous”as I held her tightly to my chest, knowing I had done something right.

ZAYN: [Y/N] had come home in the worst mood possible. So, to make it better I cooked a small dinner consisting of spaghetti and two large cups of milk. I drew her a steaming bubble bath while dinner simmered. I called out her name, and heard her pounding footsteps come thudding down the hall. She was about to scream at me,when she saw the meal placed next to the large bathtub and me waiting half-naked and froze dead In her tracks. Next thing I knew she was in the tub, smiling. ” Well, are getting in or what?” [Y/N] questioned me with a cheeky grin.

NIALL: When I was angry I just ate. Sadly,that doesn’t work for [Y/N], my girlfriend. Instead, she just likes to be quiet and read, which she does quite often anyways. I allow her a while to herself,and give her some space. At some point though, it gets to be to much and I usually end up trying to help. Today she was so mad (as she once put it when she was drunk) she could spit! After, three hours if pure torture, I broke. “Baby, please!” I pleaded while rubbing her feet. She sighed and nodded, dropping the book and cuddling up to me,on the plush couch.

LIAM: I had taught [Y/N] to get her anger out the same way I do. By exercising. I box and run,she runs,jumps rope, and lifts weights. So,when I came home today and heard her running at a vigorous pace, I sighed and got a hot bath ready. Knowing that she’d need it when she finished,because her muscles would be extremely sore.

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