Random Writing


26. Zayn Imagine

  Climbing out of the carriage you looked around. Zayn had shown up at your house only half an hour ago, but time seemed to have flown by in the carriage. It was your five year anniversary, but you never expected Zayn to go this crazy and rent a horse drawn carriage. 

  As Zayn helps you out he nods towards the large Spruce tree in the center of the park, the same tree you two had originally met under. Rushing over you got a familiar and happy wave of nostalgia, along with yet another surprise. Would the surprises ever stop? 
    At your feet was a large blanket with candles and champagne. Turning to ask what this was exactly for you then realized Zayn was no longer there. Panic set in quickly and you started to swing around, frantically searching for Zayn; this was a habit that you had picked up from him.

  Just as you faced the other way you could hear gentle music being carried on the breeze to your ears. The song playing was "Let ME Love You" by Neyo. A small smile spread across your lips, this i yours and Zayn's song. With the panic dissipating, you turned to see Zayn.

  Instead of the slacks and blazer he had worn here he was now in a tuxedo with thirteen red tulips in his hands. Promptly, he handed them to you and knelt down. At the same time realization hit you, the song was being sung by four distinct voices, the boys. Singing, Zayn grins at you and then the song changes to "All of Me" By John Legend. 

  Still singing quietly Zayn rummaged through his pocket until he pulled out a small velvet box, opening it to reveal a large diamond ring. Stopping the chorus, Zayn smiles up at you, nervously. "Darling... I love you so much, and we have been dating for five years, and that is plenty of adequate time to know I love you with all my heart. My only hope is that you feel the same. So... [Y/F/N], will you marry me?"

  Voice soft and gentle you whisper as you nod, "Of course!"

  With that  he stands and kisses you passionately, holding you close. Then, just as you break the kiss a torrential downpour begins. A yelp and pounding feet alert you that the boys have rushed off, but you both just laugh and start to dance. 

  By the time that you finish your waltz you're both soaked and you start to jump in the puddles and laugh and sing the whole walk home. On the way, you overhear an elderly woman remark to her husband, "They remind me of us, Jerald..." 

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