Random Writing


24. The Thing Only He Can Do

Niall:  See you drunk- Obviously, others have seen you drunk, but with Niall you will willingly show it. You are a bit of a crazy drunk, which Niall thinks is adorable and hilarious. You are already crazy without the alcohol, when you have it, though, it is even better. For you, though, it is just plain out embarrassing. Hence why you don't like getting drunk, especially with others. Unless, it is just Niall and you.

Harry:  See you vulnerable- Typically, you were always strong, even if it was only an act. A lot of the time stress got to you and you were breaking inside, but your face never showed it. When Harry was around, that wasn't the case. He was the best comfort as you finally let it all out and cried. Easily, he saw through it all, and made sure he was there to help you at all times. Being that you hated feeling vulnerable, Harry was the only one you ever let see this side of you- the fragile side. Knowing that he is the only one that you trust enough to let him see you at your lowest points he is happy to help.

Zayn:  Play with your hair- No one else is allowed to play with your hair, because they yank at it and knot it all up. Early on, Zayn figured that out. Somehow he learned how to do it so it doesn't hurt and isn't a burden. Instead, it is comforting and often gets you to sleep at night. Both of you love it. However, Zayn loves it just a bit more, though, because he knows he is the only one allowed to fondle the coveted locks you cherish so much.

Louis: Tickle you- Whenever someone tickles you you end up thrashing and flailing. Usually, it ends up with the person tickling you crying from being kicked or punched. Louis found out that  if he does it gently and with a slight amount of pressure you just laugh like mad. He does this quite often, because he knows it makes you happy, and because it is something only he can do. 

Liam: See you naked- Being extremely insecure inhibits you from a lot. Like being confident enough about your body to show anybody any inch of skin not exposed by a t-shirt and capris.   A lot of people are aware of this fact, and they also know that Liam is allowed, and has, seen you naked on multiple occasions. He knows just how to make you feel special and proud enough to show off your body to him 

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