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4. Skype Calls

Skype Calls

Niall: “Babe… It’s not fair.” He sighs and I shrug.

“Love, it’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. Just a bit of food poisoning.” I remind him.

“That’s my whole point! I’ve had it and it’s not fair, baby. I want to help.” He complains, whining desperately.

I sigh, racking my brain until I figure it out. I lay down and pull the thick blanket over me. “Sing. It’ll help, swear.” I promise, knowing that it will ease us both.

He smiles and starts to sing “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes.

Liam: I yawn, watching as he rushes about, unsure I what he’s doing. After another five minutes he grins and runs over, “Done! You ready?”

I nod, confused as to what’s happening.

He smirks and picks up the laptop, the camera shaking until it finally settles on a large heart made out of candles and flower petals, pink rose, my favorite. “Baby, I know I can’t be there on our anniversary, but..check your mail.” I raise an eyebrow and get up. In the mail is a envelope. Opening it, it says: “Baby, happy anniversary. Love, Li.” I smile, but the black Rose petals fall out and suddenly I can hear the camera shriek. I run over and Liam’s no longer on screen, instead a chat box is: “See you so!;)” I’m Confused and I look around and suddenly, two warm hands cover my face. I turn and Liam’s there. “Wah..how?” I question and he smirks. “Basement door.” He grins and I laugh, Liam already leading me upstairs.

Louis: “Babe!” He yells through the screen for at least the ninth time and I jump, eyes shooting open.

“Sorry, sorry. I’m awake. Swear.” I mumble and Louis laughs.

“Babe, eat the chocolate that’s on the table, take some Tylenol, and go to bed. I know you’re tired and you want to stay up, but I want you to go to sleep.” I sigh and nod. “One condition.”

“What is it?” He asks.

“Can you tell me a story?” I giggle, knowing im acting like a little kid.

He grins and nods, starting to tell a story.

Zayn: “I wish I was there…” He sighs and I can hear the regret in his voice.

“Babe, it’s fine. I swear.” I wince, the needle scarring my tender red skin.

“I know, but I want to hold your hand. For real. Not just talk you through it.” He says sadly, breaking my heart.

“I know, but Zayn?”

“Yeah?” He replies.

“Look.” I stand and show him my first tattoo, the day we got married tattooed on my shoulder.

The tears fill both our eyes and I smile, blowing him a kiss on the screen.

Harry: “But….” Harry whines again, for the billionth time in ten minutes.

“No. No more stalling. You’ve got a gig and I’ve got a term paper due tomorrow I haven’t even started.” I state firmly.

“Fine, but you owe me.” He stands, leaning back down, “big time.”

I smirk, “Always, kitty, always.” I wink and he groans as I hang up. I know I turned him on, but he comes back tomorrow night and it’s a Friday, so us not walking for three days is fine by me.

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