Random Writing


28. Sad Imagine-Choose your boy

  "Sometimes I just want to give up!" I cried out.

  "shhh, love." He cooed, trying to cal my violent sobs. "I'll make it better, Boo, I promise." He repeated gently.

  "How....How can you make it better?..." I croaked out, my voice cracking.

  "I'll tell the fans to stop..." He paused briefly. "Baby, look at me please." I didn't budge, I didn't want him to see me like this. I had no choice, though, when his pointer finger snaked out and turned my chin towards him. As our gazes met his saddened further.

  Dark eyes serious, he started speaking again, "If...If they don't stop I will give up."

  As the reality of his words set in, and I grasped the concept of them, I panicked. "No! No, you cannot do that! I refuse to allow you!" I whisper-shouted, trying to hold in the hysteria.

  "Baby, it may be the only way. It doesn't matter about that, the boys will forgive me, but I cannot let the best thing in my life go.." He stated boldly.

 I rolled my eyes, not helping me unblur his awe-inducing beauty. "Honey, the best thing that has ever happened to you IS the bands. Do you want to know why?" I answered before he could question me, " Without the band you would never have met me, so you CANNOT give up."

  With a nod, I knew he understood my convoluted logic, but he shot back, "Love, you may have a point, but you can't give up, either." His small, melancholy smile was triumphant.

   "Fine, neither of us can give up." I remarked holding out my quivering pinky.

  A more genuine smile covered his face and he locked his warm, calm finger with mine. Leaning down, he kissed my nose lightly , but before he could pull away I wrapped my arms around his tear-stained t-shirt and gripped his face to mine in a passionate lip-lock   that he didn't pull away from.

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