Random Writing


3. Random???

It had been so long. Well, not in all actuality. But, in her mind it had been forever since she last held his hand and smiled at him. She had no way to fill the hole in her heart except for the drugs, drinks, and whatever pain took her mind off her broken and grieving heart. No one else will ever compare to him. Nor will they eve replace him. Although the silence of the sanitarium could drive anyone insane the echoing of his smooth voice in her mind is all that kept her held together. It rang out and reverberated in every nook and cranny in her cavernous mind. No matter how hard she tried she would always end up back at him. She would hallucinate him, wishing to just touch his tanned skin one last time before it was all gone, but alas, it was only her cruel and torturing memories. For Liam had gone and left her, he had died in that crash. The crash she thought she caused.

Until you’re mine, I have to find

A way to fill this hole inside

I can’t survive without you here

by my side

Until you’re mine, not gonna be

Even close to complete

I won’t rest until you’re mine


Alone inside, I can only hear

your voice

Ringing through the noise

Can’t fight my mind, keeps on

coming back to you

Always back to you

Wanted something out of reach

It’s killing me, you’re all I see, yeah

Until you’re mine demi lovato

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