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22. Questions One Direction Should be Asked

Questions One Direction should be asked.

Why did you consider even doing X factor?
Did your friends support you?
Were you ever made fun of for singing?
Would you trade a day of fame for a day in poverty?
If you could chose to do music forever or anything else you could ever want, which would you choose?
How do you get your riffs so amazing? 
Your notes are fantastic, how?
We know Zayn can draw and paint, what else can he do?
What’s his inspiration in art?
Any other secret talents, other than Harry’s impressive juggling skills?
Do you guys like working out?
If so what’s your favorite workout?
What’s your favorite cartoon?
Favorite Christmas song?
Do you hang with your crew when you’re not on tour?
How many contacts do you have?
How many of those contacts are other celebrities.
Would you ever live in fans house for a week as a contest?
Why did you guys decide to try and be in a group?
How long do you think one direction will last?
If you guys had tumblrs what would they be about?
Favorite YouTubers?
Bad question, but, favorite bandmember or family member?
Favorite pet?
Planning on getting any new pets?
How stalkerish do your fans get?
do you know your own blood type?
Favorite kind of calander?
Favorite drink?
Fruits or veggies?
Would you rather have a pizza in the face or a pie?
If you could pull the ultimate prank on the fans what would it be?
Would you ever go on Punk’d?
Tv Show you want to be on?
Favorite 5SOS song?
do you guys listen to R&B?
Any covers you’d like to do?
Favorite tv show you’ve been on so far?
Questions or dares? 
Would you ever raffle off a date to a fan?
Any of you have any extra body parts other than Harry’s four nipples?
Orange or apple juice?
Dream date?
Do you love me?

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