Random Writing


17. Questions For Tumblr Tag

1. Last thing you copied? 
2. Last text you sent and to who?
3. Last thing you ate?
4. Last person you touched?
5. Any pets or pets you had?
6. Are you wearing socks? If so what color?
7. Last message in your ask?
8. Last dream you had?
9. Do you bite your nails?
10. Favorite singer?
11. Person who knows you best?
12. Slept over anyone’s house lately?
13. Favorite song?
14. Person you know everything about?
15. Favorite number?
16. Last thing that annoyed you?
17. Gender?
18. Favorite smell?
19. Favorite flower?
20. Any dates lately?
21. Last friend you saw?
22. Last store you went to?
23. Are you naked?
24. Do you like animals?
25. Do you shave?
26. How many asks do you get on a daily basis?
27. Last thing you drank?
28. Ever had surgery? What kind?
29. Last tweet or post?
30. Favorite girl name? Boy?
31. Last time you showered?
32. Do you share food?
33. Least favorite color?
34. Any voicemails? From who? About what?
35. Do Mosquitos attack you?
36. Like to swim?
37. Favorite outfit?
38. Favorite quote? 
39. Favorite fruit? 
40. Last person in your room other than you? For what?
41. Do you like literature?
42. Favorite pizza topping?
43. Favorite ice cream topping?
44. Last video you watched on YouTube?
45. Do you have a kik?
46. Last chain mail you got?
47. Favorite president?
48. Ever had a migraine?
49. Ever had a dirty dream? About who?
50. Are these questions boring?
51. This is it. Last day of your life. What do you do? Who do you talk to? Why?

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