Random Writing


16. Never Going to be Finished

Zayn had a rough day at the studio and when he got home you were in the middle of a relaxing bath. Instead of doing what he normally does and climbing in with you he flopped onto the bed and clicked the tv on. You climbed out and started getting dressed in your only clean panties and bra, your laciest black lingerie. Before you could put anything else on you heard a thud from your bedroom, you nudged the adjacent door open with your toe and peeked your head out. Zayn was laying on the bed, music playing in the back as he smoked. Now, Zayn knows you hate that habit and that he would surely get a butt whopping if he got caught doing it in the house, so you smirked knowing a way of payback. You walked out, hair still dripping and walked over to him. He glances at you lazily before doing a double take. You clambered up the bed and straddled him, cigarette hanging out of his open mouth, eyes wide. 
“Zayn. Bad boy, no smoking in the house. You know the rules, now I haven to punish you.” You smirked and his eyes grew dark. You reached into the drawer and pulled out a pair of black leather ties. Zayn looked at them with slight fear, but mostly eagerness with seeing where this was headed. You pulled his white t-shirt over his head and unbutton his jeans slowly. He groaned and you tied him up. “No touching, Malik.” You smirk and he nods a little.

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