Random Writing


11. Need You Now

Need you now-lady antebellum.

Reaching for the phone 'cuz I can't fight it anymore-Niall: Another beer. Another tear. Another glance at the door. Surely this was the right thing to do, right? Just leave her be. It's what she wanted, wasn't it? Then why did it feel so wrong? I shake my head, grasping for the phone directly next to me. I can't handle this silence anymore. I need to know what she wants straight out.

Guess I would rather hurt than feeling nothing at all-Harry: All his life he had trained himself to be a bit rougher after each girlfriend. This way it never hurt so bad. You were different, though. You hurt him before, during and after. And now, now that the pain has subsided it's just a hollow feeling that overcomes him, drowning him in a sea of numb he's sure he can't escape. Maybe the pain wasn't so bad after all.

It's a quarter after one and I'm a little drunk and I need you now-Zayn: The phone call shook me from my slumber. The ringing so loud I jolt up. Catching a quick glance at the clock to confirm its 1:15 am I answer. "Babe?" My voice is groggy, but I perk up when I hear the desperation in her tone. "Zayn... I know it's late...

I need you...please... I'm drunk and I'm so afraid I'm gonna do something.... Come over quick." I agree and get up, knowing that no matter what time it is I'll still do whatever she needs.

Another shot of whiskey, can't stop staring at the door-Liam: The burning liquid cascades down my raw throat. I know if I were to speak my voice would be so hoarse and husky it would be unrecognizable. There is no reason to speak though. Not until she waltzes in that door. If she ever does again. Maybe this time I fucked it up for good. Maybe she won't come back. Maybe she's gone for good. My gaze won't leave the door, so I'll know if this is it sooner or later.

Wish you'd come sweeping in like you did before-Louis: I lay on the couch, pushing away a stray wrapper. The place is a pig sty and smells like something died. And I guess it did. My heart did. Because she's truly gone. Has been since that day she decided to go out for a run. Never to return. Just to get buried in a casket deep under ground while I lay at home wishing she would bust in and force me to clean like she used to. Anything would be better than this hollow emptiness that has replaced her warm smile, soft touch and sweet taste. Even death would be more enjoyable.

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