Random Writing


6. Liam Imagine- Sad

"Shh, baby.. It’ll be ok.. You’ll be ok…" He whispered to me faintly as he held me close to his chest, the red a striking contrast to his white t-shirt.

“Li…” I utter out weakly, but he places a quaking fingers to my dry lips.

“No, baby.. It’s ok.. R-rest.” He whispers, his voice trembling as everyone around us tries not to watch the intimacy.

It’s dead silent now, but it shouldn’t be. There should be a commotion, some kind of brouhaha. Anything. The shuffling of someone sliding closer to their relatives or sirens in the distance, but nothing. Complete and utter silence.

“It’ll all be ok..” He keeps repeating in my ear, but I’m just ignoring his frantic babbling and memorizing his perfect face, even now stained in tears and blood he was still better than any angel I’ve ever seen. Maybe he is one.

He softly starts to sing “Forever and Always” by parachute, causing his tears to hit my soaking chest and his voice to choke and stutter out on sobs, but he still sounds like an angel; just a very broken angel.

As the song slows, I sing with him tiredly, my eyes fluttering a bit. It’s hard to stay awake. It feels like the air has been sucked from the room and like my heart is in my chest and I’m so dizzy that even as still as I am the world, or at least the small shop we are laying in, is spinning out of control.

He doesn’t stop singing sadly, even when I turn my head and throw up harshly, unable to stop anyway. Yet, although any normal person would have reacted, it stayed silent. Deadly silent.

He finishes the song, his voice getting faint and vague, the lights too bright and the hole in my chest feeling more like a gaping vortex that would never close.

Still no one has said a word or made a sound, and that’s when I realize. They’ve been making plenty of noise, but I’ve been too far gone to even hear it. Not at all or in the least.

As the piercing sirens screech and cut through the buzzing air I gasp harder, body convulsing violently, but Liam just holds me close to him.

It’s amazing how he is never scared. He truly is a superhero. He lays his favorite jacket across my chest, covering the exposed bullet wound.

"If only we hadn’t come.. We shouldn’t have.. I just had to keep begging for candy, didn’t I?! If I hadn’t you wouldn’t have gotten hurt.." Liam cries out hushed, beating himself up already and I wasn’t even gone yet.

"L-Li, bear… Stop. It isn’t..your…fault.. It’s just my time.." I mumble out, voice obviously muffled and gurgled.

"But, it can’t be your time.. N-not yet… We aren’t married.. We have gotten kids yet.. We just picked a house.. Your life isn’t over yet, it just can’t be.. It can’t.." He rambles on, crying harder and I grip his shirt and kiss him with the last breathe I’ve got, only vaguely aware of the screeching halt of a car and the wheels of a gurney hitting the water-logged ground of London.

As my eyes close for the final time and I heave my final breathe I hear Liam whisper as they load me up, “I love you.. Sleep now, darling.. You’ll be home soon.. And I’ll be with you in a few years… I promise.”

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