Random Writing


10. Imagine For Marcelle

Scientist. Coldplay. Louis imagine.

Everything was falling apart. Life was falling apart. You had assumed wrong. You had been cheated. You had been left broken hearted. It was just so wrong.

At times it got to the point where you wish you could rewind and restart everything all over again. No one said it would be easy, not at all, the exact opposite, but they could have prepared you better.

If you had know you would have fallen in love with Louis you would have walked out of that coffee shop immediately. He was worth it, sure, but this pain was unbearable.

Surely, life can only dish out what someone can handle, but how could you handle this? Your heart was so shattered you were amazed you were still standing.

Only, at the same time, you weren't amazed. Louis had taught you one thing, if not a million, you were stronger than you thought. You didn't have to shut everyone out. You just had to take a deep breathe and carry on. Even if that meant you had to do it alone.

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