Random Writing


19. Ghosts

Drowning in this sea of never ending pain. You think you’ve made your way back to the surface only to see the bottom again. Its the darkness that keeps you lost. It turns you around and around, not able to find your way out. Struggling only makes it worse, but you cannot give up. If you did the breath would rush from your burning lungs and your eyes would slip shut, your body going link and sinking to the floor. You’d come back up of course. Only to be taken away in a body bag made especially for these situations. Blood, anger, emptiness, sadness and anything else you have left. A mark left by someone else on you. Hidden away with tears flowing and your body shaking silently as you make sure no one hears the stricken sobs. Nothing left to hold you up, you let go. But a hand catches your wrist and leads you back towards that light you so desperately craved. You would reach the surface and gasp for the air. Once you’d caught your breath you look around and finally, you’re not alone. Surrounding your body are others like you, pale and gasping, eyes dead and hair limp. Forced smiles and torn clothes, all with a hand outstretched. You take two and somehow you see a brighter future. You see land, a place to finally end this struggle. Not the bottom of this ocean of terror, but a proper home and a place to be loved.

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