Random Writing


23. Drop in the Ocean

A drop in the ocean

Holding you closer than most/Liam: It was rare that Liam dated, a few girls here and there. Never very serious, either. [Y/N] was different, though. She was so sweet, so funny, so... Perfect. She was closer than most, and that was probably Liam's doing, but it was good. She could honestly be the one.

I was praying that you and me end up together/Louis: Always the optimist he had just nodded as you walked away. He had been praying that you'd end up together, and he was still. He expected it, truthfully. You wouldn't leave for long, you couldn't. He could see it on your face.

You are my heaven/Zayn: Never once had he said he was a good boy. He wouldn't lie like that. He was a total bad boy. Smoking, drinking, tattoos. Not even close to a typical boy. But, even if he ended up in hell it didn't matter. She was his heaven. She was never far away, so neither was heaven.

Too broken too move on/Harry: It had been a year. A full year without her. She was gone, but he was too broken to move on. She was his only love. His one. And now she was gone. How could he move on? Three kids and seventeen years and she was gone. He would never move on.

A drop in the ocean/Niall: In the big picture of it all she saw herself as a blade of grass in a field, a drop in the ocean, a cloud in the sky. Niall didn't see her like that, though. He saw her as the prettiest meadow ever to have eyes laid on it, the most tranquil, deep blue sea, and the most vibrant sky. Someday he would prove that's what she really was.

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