Random Writing


18. Don't Let Me Go


Don't let me go-Harry Styles

It's getting harder to breathe-Liam:

Being away for so long was so painful. It was as if I couldn't breathe, as if I was dying. Each day was worse, each breathe killing me slowly, every intake stabbing straight through my heart only to plunge out with each breathe. I can't hold on much longer. This tour better end soon. I need her back, need her by my side. Before I can no longer breathe at all.

Don't let me go-Harry: Silently I begged that he would just grab my hand and stop me. I had no choice when he jetted off for tour, but he certainly had a choice here. I didn't have to run off to Italy for the summer to see my cousin, Damen. I could certainly stay. Damen could even come here. I am praying that Harry will sweep me into his arms and rush me home. "Don't let me go.." I whisper silently as I get on the plane. Tears splash down my shirt as the plane reaches the sky, Harry realizing too late he could have stopes this, his pounding feet will never reach the plane now.

This bed was never made for two-Louis: Obviously it was my fault. It always was. I shouldn't have lied. I swore I never would. It was my own fault. I guess when she said that this bed didn't fit two she meant it wasn't meant for two. I wasn't meant to have my second half. I had blown my only chance. There was no way to fix it now....

Cause I'm tired of feeling alone-Niall: Picking up the phone I decided to call. Sure, she was probably dead asleep and would be very mad when she answered, it didn't matter. I needed her. I'm tired of feeling alone. She's the only one I need, the only one I will ever need. And I can't sleep alone anymore, I need her. So, I dial.

It lies there alone in its bed of broken glass-Zayn: The picture was of the day we got engaged, [Y/N] swept up into my arms as she kissed me with a passion. We were so happy. Why can't I just go back to then? Instead, the picture is covered in shards of splintered glass. The same way it was when she threw it to the ground fifteen minutes before. I mean, I shouldn't have kissed that girl, but I didn't think she would do this... I was hoping I could explain it to her. Kneeling down I pick up her discarded engagement ring. I know I have to get her back, and it has to be now. Or else I may never have the chance again. Not even a chance at happiness ever again.

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