Random Writing


27. Crap Day- Liam Imagine

    You had just arrived home and  felt like utter crap, you hadn't slept in three days and you had been working all day, which didn't help anything.  The second your shoes were off you collapsed onto the sofa with a heavy groan. 

  Liam rushed out, you hadn't even realized he was home. "Baby girl, are you okay?"

  With no energy to lie or even down play it, you just shook your head. Waling over Liam nodded, and upon reaching your slumped position on the couch he started to rub your aching feet, "You will not lift a finger today or tomorrow. I am here to be your slave and do whatever you want."

   Liking the sound of that proposition, you smiled and nodded, closing your eyes. Soon enough, they popped back open. The warm and comforting pressure of Liam's hands working out the pain in your feet had disappeared. You saw the soles of his trainers flop off, down the hall, and you sighed.

  Startled, your eyes opened again a bit later. You had just been drifting off when you were moved. Liam was carrying you bridal style down the corridor. Before you could even ask what he was doing or where he was taking you, he arrived.

  Brimming with bubbles and red tulip petals, the tub was large and inviting. Beside it on a small, low-to-the-ground table sat a large plate of spaghetti with two forks and two mugs of milk. Laying you down, Liam gently started to strip you. Grunting at the pain in your worn out feet when you stood you knew this was good. Once you were both bare you eased yourself into the steaming water, sighing in bliss. Liam slid in behind you, massaging your shoulders as you moaned in relief.

  When dinner was done and the water was chilling you both climbed out. You got dressed in fuzzy pajamas and Liam just tugged on a pair of long john's. Then, Liam put on your favorite movie and you fell into a deep slumber as Liam hummed along to the music of the movie.

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