Random Writing


8. Collide

Collide. Howie day.

The dawn is breaking-Harry: I giggle, cuddling him and I yawn. "Baby, it's dawn. You should've been asleep hours ago." He whispers and I laugh. "I should be saying that to you!" We grin, repeating in unison, "But I wouldn't change a thing!"

Even the best fall down sometimes-Zayn: Tears splash down on to his grey shirt, mixing together in a sad splotch. As he wipes them away I shake my head and kiss a few away. "Everyone loses it. Everyone falls down sometimes. Just get back up. I'll be right here next to you forever." I remind him gently and he nods, kissing me lovingly.

Even the stars refuse to shine-Liam: It had been a hard week. That was obvious. Your parents had died side by side in a car wreck, your son had the flu all week and you were kicked out of your book club for not showing up to every meeting. Stress was just killing you, and Liam knew it. Especially because your typical bubbly personality was gone, replaced by a dark cloud hanging over your head. So, he came out to you one night and held you close, pointing to the sky. "Even the stars refuse to shine right now, but it's still a perfect night out. And they will shine again, very soon. We just need patience." He whispers soothingly, voice gentle. In a few weeks, although grief was still a heavy curtain shrouding you, the stars were shining again, and you could smile again.

I'm tangled up in you-Louis: Three am. Cuddled together under a mountain of blankets and breathing quiet. She had been asleep for hours, but I had been awake since her nightmare. She had been so spooked, and I was worried her face would never light up again, but it did. All because of a reassuring hug, a song, and some very much needed spooning. So now we lay here, relaxed and melded together in a way that I wish would never end.

Even the wrong words seem to rhyme-Niall: She had said it was my fault. All mine. For ruining all this, and she was right. But, that's why I had to fix it. She had always dreamed of being serenaded in the moonlight from her porch. So that's what I did. "Even the wrong words seem to rhyme. And through the doubt that fills my mind, I find that you and I collide." I sing sweetly, hoping this will work and amend my mistakes.

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