Random Writing


9. Bubbly

Bubbly Colbie Calliet

Rain is falling on my window Payne.-Liam: Most people hate the rain, wish it would stop. Not [Y/N]. She loves the rain. Today is no exception. "Come on, Li!" She yells and grins, running out. I follow, about I complain she'll get sick. I can't though, because she sweeps me up in a kiss, pulling away far too soon. We laugh and dance together, because that's what life's about. Dancing in the rain.

I get the tingles in a silly place-Zayn: No girl has ever made me feel this. A smile and I get butterflies. A touch and my body floods with heat. A kiss and I get the tingles in a silly place, all over. I've felt love before, but never quite this complete. She takes my breathe away. And I can't believe how much I just wanna be with her.

Please stay for a while-Harry: "Its been so long... Please stay? Even for a while?" He begs and I sigh. "Haz, you know I can't. I've got work." I reply, face nuzzling his neck. "I will do anything. Just stay a bit longer? Please." He coaxes, finally persuading me with feathery kisses all over.

Under covers staying dry and warm-Louis: The covers were such a stark comparison to the icy winds wiping around outside it was comical. Not even five minutes ago her fingers were blue and numb and now we are cuddled under the covers, dry and warm enough to heat the whole house it seems. As she drifts off I grin and kiss her head, happy to be safe and sound.

You've got me feeling like a child now-Niall: I haven't seen [Y/N] since we were kids. After all this time we finally carved out a day for each other and I couldn't be happier. And it's obvious she couldn't be either, because she grins at me and squeals. "Let's go!" She yells and rushes off towards a playground. Laughing I follow, same old girl, making me feel so much like the kid I used to be I hope it never ends.

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