Chloe and Max~A Beautiful Surprise

Chloe is in destructive, miserable marriage…but married none the less and she wants to honor that commitment. Max is in a burdensome relationship with Kelly who he feels he is indebted to for helping him heal after a bitter divorce. Both Chloe and Max know feel trapped but their sense of duty and loyalty outweighs their desire to love and truly be loved in return.

After it is discovered that the murder of a renowned scientist has global implications the fallout infiltrates their personal lives causing Chloe and Max’s worlds to collide. Working together to solve the mystery that will save their own lives, they immediately begin the fight to toe the line as their friendship evolves and spins seemingly out of control.

Will they be able to solve this mystery saving millions of lives and keep their new found friendship in perspective? Or will the intensity of danger, passion and desire overwhelm them costing them more than they had ever imagined?


1. Prequel 1 When you say Yes...

Prequel #1...When you say yes...

Memorial Day---Chloe Randall

“When you say "Yes" on your wedding day, you are saying YES to stuff you haven't even seen yet. Things you can't imagine”.

When Chloe heard that statement yesterday in church she thought she would vomit. She went to church looking for answers but it appeared as if she found herself asking more questions.

Every passing day made her marriage more unrecognizable. Back in the day, she would get angry at Brent’s insensitivity and an argument would ensue. Chloe’s passion about saving her marriage from destruction and doing whatever it took to fix it usually led to compromise..on her part. Within a few days, Band-Aids were put in place and they would drudge forward together determined to not to let any “silly” thing break them apart.  But 3 years later, Chloe’s passion had waned and she found herself teetering on the fine line between not giving up and no longer caring. “Not caring” is a scary place to be. When it “doesn’t matter anymore” you make different types of decisions.

Like her decision to not go with Brent to Virginia to visit his family for the Holiday. Brent assumed that she was going and didn’t even mention it until the last minute just “knowing” that Chloe would fall in line, grab a bag and get aboard. Not going would certainly cause things to get funky- but when you don’t care, you make different types of decisions.

So Brent and his two kids left for the airport and Chloe sat on her bed home alone, unmoved by the fact that she was by herself on Memorial Day. Unmoved that is for about 10 minutes after the door shut behind them…and then the tears began to fall.

She wanted Brent to come back and say that he wasn’t going without her. She wanted him to compromise and instead to go to his family on Saturday and be back to spend today with her. She wanted it to matter to him that she wasn’t with him and do everything in his power to try to work out something that made sense for them both.

She wanted Brent to choose her…just once.

He didn’t. Chloe wasn’t sure if he knew how.  She wanted to not care, and not appear to be so bratty or and needy. The fact is she was needy. She needed her husband and wanted him to need her.  She loved him and wanted their marriage to be strong and secure more than anything. BUT when you say "Yes" on your wedding day, you are saying YES to stuff you haven't even seen yet. Things you can't imagine.

It was all she could do not to climb back in the bed and keep the pillow over her head for the entire day, but Chloe decided to go to the ATM and then the grocery store instead and THAT decision changed her entire summer forever. Chloe grabbed her furry handbag and made a mental note that since this was officially Spring now…she should change her purse. As she made her way to the garage, she fished for her keys through seemingly the bottomless shoulder bag made worse by a ripped lining that hid all sorts of candy, tissues and lost change.

On the way to the Credit Union, Chloe came to the intersection of Grixston and Main.  She saw that the light was going to change before she could reach it and began to slow down. She glanced up in her rear mirror and saw a blue Ram truck approaching. She knew it was coming too fast to stop in time enough not to hit her.  In a panic, Chloe veered left into the empty turn lane. The truck slammed into the back of the car in front of Chloe’s car. He also clipped the back right corner of Chloe bumper, jarring her further over into the lane and causing her to smash her head on the steering wheel. A man wearing thin rimmed glassed, about 6’ 1, dirty blonde hair and a bloodied lab coat jumped out of the truck and ran toward Chloe who had since jumped out of the car to check on the passengers who had been rear ended. She grabbed her purse and began to look feverishly for her cell phone which was of course caught in the lining. Before she could find it, the bloodied man caught up to her and grabbed her arm. One of his fists was partially balled up and she winced thinking he was going to hit her to rob her. He grabbed at her bag and Chloe’s worse fears were confirmed, he was robbing her. Chloe struggled with him as he took his balled fist to reach at the purse while still holding her with the other hand.  And then he looked Chloe dead in her eyes with blood dripping down his forehead and spoke saying---protect her, please don’t let them get her”. 

Who?  Wait what?  Don’t let who get her? Chloe asked..but the man appeared to be in shock and couldn’t say anything else. Coming from the same direction they had just driven, you could hear tires screeching and more cars coming, and coming fast. The bloodied man moved with a start..and began to run limping and bleeding across the road.  He turned around and looked at Chloe with tears in his eyes and formed his mouth to say “please”.  Chloe wanted to run after him; she still had no idea what he was talking about. But it didn’t take long to realize that he was being chased.  About 3 dark unmarked official type cars barreled through the intersection and split up without stopping.  The windows were rolled down but it was difficult to make out any faces. Chloe had made her way to the other car and the woman and her daughter seemed to be ok just shaken and bruised. The little girl was upset and scared, but Chloe could see that she wasn’t seriously injured.  The mother told Chloe that she had called the police and they should be here soon.  Just then another dark official car pulled up to the Ram truck again totally ignoring the accident…Two men with dark long hair wearing suits, gloves and carrying handguns jumped out and quickly ransacked the vehicle. They pulled up the seats, went through the cab, glove compartment, every nook and cranny within 60 seconds.  They were looking for something and based on the level of swearing that took place afterward whatever it was they didn’t find it. Seeing the wreckage, other cars begin to stop to help block the road and offer assistance.  Sirens in the distance and now an audience caused the men to hurry back to the black car and take off in the direction of the previous group.

Within a few more seconds, the officers got to the scene. Chloe and the other bystanders waved them over and directed them to the mother and her little girl.  But as they got closer, everyone rushed toward Chloe asking if she was ok and she kept responding that she was fine.  The EMS then arrived and the EMT technicians immediately came to asked Chloe to lie down on the second stretcher as the first one raced to the car holding the mother and daughter.

Lay down? For what…no I’m fine Chloe explained.  Just take care of those two, Chloe answered motioning to the mother’s car. 

Maam, are you hurt?  You look like you’ve lost quite a bit of blood the EMT asked Chloe while trying to shine a light in her pupils.

What?  Chloe said as she looked down at her clothes.  The bloodied man had bled all over her shoes, her jeans and left blood on her blouse where he had grabbed her.  Unbeknownst to Chloe, she had blood on her face where she had wiped not knowing blood was also on her hands from her struggle with her would be assailant.

No..this isn’t my blood Chloe answered just then remembering what had taken place.

Who blood is it? The EMT asked her.

I don’t know sir. I mean it was the guy in that RAM. Chloe said pointing to the now ransacked, banged up truck.

Maam, where is he?  He has lost a lot of blood and needs help.  The EMT asked hurriedly.

I don’t know!  Chloe answered getting upset.  He ran across the road and then these other men came and looked in his car and then…wait first about 3 cars came and then they sped past us and then the men came and they jumped out and… Chloe stopped as she started to feel disoriented. 

He told me to take care of her, Chloe said beginning to cry.

Take care of who maam..? The EMT asked as he held Chloe steady and motioned for the techs to bring over another gurney.

I don’t know Chloe said..becoming overwhelmed.  I don’t know who she is..but I have to protect her…Chloe said as everything began to fade to black.


Hi Readers!

Who is "Her"?

Is Chloe ok and will Brent even care?

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