Never The Same *Sequel to Life or Death*

This is the sequel to Life or Death. After the deaths of Niall Horan and Tia Tomlinson the bands Lovin' Life and One Direction had a lot of trouble going on with their careers.


1. Funerals suck

Andrea's POV

We have been preparing for this day ever since they died. Yes, you guessed right today is Niall's and Tia's funeral. Tears had been rolling down my cheeks for over an hour now. Zayn and Liam have tried to comfort me several times but I just cry more.

"Andrea are you ready?" Sofia asks

"Yeah" I say all depressed like.

All of us are really depressed about this. I just decided to ignore all the sympathy people give me. I cant stand the fact that they are gone.

"I can't believe that they are gone forever" Louis says.

I look at him and start to cry more. Everyone looks at the coffins and cries. We huddle into each other and cry. Soon after the funeral starts. We all sit down and cry silently. We held each others hands tightly.


We were sitting in the lounge staring at absolutely nothing. We all had blank expressions on our faces. Then all of the sudden Louis and Sofia burst into tears. I held Sofia close to me as Harry was doing the same to Louis.


Hope this is an acceptable first chapter for my sequel! I just need to know if you guys have any idea what happens next? Please comment what you think.

<3 Lovexxbugxx

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