Changing Mr.Styles | H.S


1. Prologue

Harry's P.O.V

Chilly wind meets warm breaths. I step out into the cold, desperate for some peace and quiet. I embrace my familiar surroundings and lean against the dirty alleyway walls.

I dig into my pockets, searching for my object of bittersweet affection and smile faintly when my fingers wrap around the small box. I take it out and take a carefully wrapped up fag along with my trusty lighter. I waste no time in quickly flicking the lighter, letting the small flame consume the end of the fag. As soon as it lights up, I bring the other end to my lips, and succumb to the aroma of smoke in the air.

I take deep breaths and release them, letting a cloud of smoke form around me. Pursing my lips, I suck the smoke back in and puff it out. I close my eyes and start to calm down.

I repeat the process, inhaling and exhaling the smoke until the fag was done.

Now feeling serene, I dropped the fag to the floor and squished it with my foot, making sure all evidence of it was gone.

"Aren't I supposed to be the smoker of the group?" I turned to face Zayn who had a smirk playing at his lips, taunting me. "F*ck off Zayn." I shot back playfully as I nudged him lightly with my fist.

"You're deeply f*cked Haz." Zayn sighed loudly before lighting up his own fag and taking deep breaths from the intoxicating stick. "Ah whatever. Not like they can do much to me now." I told him as I dug my hands into my pocket like I usually do to hide the residue of my earlier actions and leant against the wall again.

"They're going to make you change Haz. They don't like what you're doing to yourself." Zayn puffed out a cloud of smoke with his words as I inhaled the sickly sweet smell. "I can't change." I simply shrugged as I snatched the fag from him and finished it off myself.

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