Changing Mr.Styles | H.S


2. Chapter1⃣

Harry's P.O.V

"You will NOT do drugs."

"You will NOT steal from the others."

"You will NOT smoke anymore."

"You will RESPECT others and be polite."

"You will be CHEEKY and nothing less."

I rolled my eyes at the emphasized words being thrown at me by management. Do they really expect me to do all this? I am my own person. They have I take me as who I am.

"Harry this is for your own good. The band's been getting so much attention lately and all because of you. They like the cheeky Harry they saw on the X Factor. Now, I know recently you've went through some revolutionary phase and turned into... This-" Simon pointed at me from head to toe and scowled making me smirk. "But we need you to go back to the old Harry."

"The old Harry is gone old man..." I sighed dramatically as I leant back in my seat and casually rested my arms behind my head. "So I suggest you stop looking for him." I chuckled as the sound of a pencil snapping was heard from his end of the long table making me smile in satisfaction.

"Harry Edward Styles do not test me." Simon practically growled as I rolled my eyes. This man needs a beer.

"Relax uncle Si, I'm just messing with you." I raised my feet and placed them on the table in front of me.

"THIS IS NO JOKE HARRY. THIS IS A SERIOUS MATTER WE NEED TO DISCUSS AS A BAND." Liam bellowed as the three others silently mumbled their agreements. "Oh whaaatever." I huffed as I looked at Uncle Simon. "Not like you can kick me out of One Direction." I smirked as his usual red face turned a bright purple as if e were going to explode.

"THAT'S IT! I'VE HAD ENOUGH!" A loud slam on the table made me jump and sit back nicely on the chair. I glanced at Simon who was rubbing his fists furiously as he glared at me.


He can't do this to me. One Direction is all I have!

"You wouldn't." I spat at him as I clenched my fists in anger. A hint of fear flashed in my eyes at the thought of being kicked out of the band and losing everything.

"Oh but I will Mr. Styles. You have a year to show me that you've completely change from this- t-this BAD BOY image of yours and have become a better person." Simon snapped as I flinched a little from his tone. I nodded sheepishly and he smirked. "Meeting dismissed."

Shuffling of seats and people getting up filled the room as I stood frozen in my spot. I really need a smoke right about now.

"You okay mate?" I winced a little as Louis slapped my back firmly and began to lead me out the door. "I will after I get a smoke." I scoffed as I shrugged his hand off me.

"Not a good idea Haz." Niall sighed as I looked at him. "And why the hell not?!" I spat at him as he raised his hands up in defeat and backed away. "Whoa it's Simon's orders remember?"

"Yeah like I'm going to listen to whatever he says. He's not the boss of me-" we stepped out into the alleyway and I immediately lit up a fag and brought it to my lips. "Plus ya'll are my best mates. You wouldn't rat me out would you?" I glared at al of them as they gulped.

"Of course not Harry. This involves us too." Liam said as they have each other looks before looking at me.

Our brief silence was broken by Zayn himself and his growling stomach. Of course Niall noticed first and practically screamed. "NANDO'S!"

The boys all groaned and began to banter with Niall on what to eat. We've been out to Nando's every day this week, but I'm not complaining. As a matter of fact I can use a little Nandos in my life today.

"I say we go to Nandos." I stated as I flicked my fag towards an old dumpster and dug my hands into my pocket as I began to walk off. With or without them I'm going.

"OI WAIT UP!" Niall yelled as he and probably the others hurriedly caught up to me, suddenly agreeing with my opinion. I smirked knowing I had these boys wrapped around my fingers.

When we arrived at Nandos, a few girls walked up to us eventually and asked for autographs. I obliged and "happily" signed their merch. I plastered a fake smile on my face and mentally rolled my eyes.

"How are you girls today?" Zayn asked them as they squealed. I felt like throwing myself off the nearest cliff as I widened my killer smile.

"WE'RE GOOD! OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU BOYS SO MUCH! UGH YOU GUYS ARE MY LIFE!" One of the girls screamed as Louis chuckled nervously. Any minute now I was going to snap and Louis knew judging by the death grip I had on his shoulder.

"Well we better get going. Bye girls!" Zayn collected their twitters and proceeded to lead us through the doors of Nandos.

Nandos was full today and people were eating and chatting without a care in the world. I scoffed and rolled my eyes at their happiness.

"I'm surprised none of them smelt you Haz. You f*cking reek." Niall laughed as we waited for an empty table. "Shut up for once Niall. I really don't care." I told him cheerfully dripping with sarcasm as he looked away and shrugged.

"Oh it's you boys again."

We turned to face Anna who just like usual was scowling at the sight of me. "Nice to see you Anna." I spat in annoyance as I looked up at the tall girl. She was a few inches taller than me but it gave her no advantage since I didn't really give a shit.

"Harry. Follow me boys." She waved us to follow her with her fingers and we did so quickly. Well Niall pulled us along but I believe he as more excited for our waitress, not the food.

She brought us to a table in the very back and motioned or us to sit down. She gave us our menus and proceeded to leave. "Ms. Faith!" A familiar voice bellowed as Anna was quickly approached by Mrs. Grace who for a young married woman was as uptight as a witch. Maybe because she is one.

Every waitress here have the most annoying attitudes towards us. For example Anna Faith, who after I sort of dated still hates me for standing her up on our first date. What? Why would I want to be seen with her?!

She's got nice blonde hair and pretty blue eyes, other than that she's got an ugly face, and an ugly attitude that goes along with it.

Mrs. Grace is in her late twenties, married with no children to some Italian guy. I hit on her once and she's been annoyed of me since.

The other girls who work here have heard of other stories about me that are in their defence most likely true but in my defence were the results of actually living my life.

They avoided us as much as possible, only tending to our needs when I wasn't there. You know what, f*ck them. I don't give a shit what they do or don't do when I'm there or not. Don't appreciate my presence then I don't appreciate yours.

The male waiters here always do the tables at the far end of the restaurant where are the female species usually sit. Of course they never spoke to us. Well maybe Louis...

"Yes Mrs. Grace?" Anna asked Mrs. Grace who looked at us, scowled at me, then beamed back at Anna who was waiting for her reply. "The new waitress has arrived. She will work beside you so you can show her the works and mentor her along." Mrs. Grace smiled as Anna's eyes widened and so did her lips which formed a smile as well at Mrs. Gracie's words.

"That's awesome! Is she in the back?"

"Yes love, would you mind giving her a tour and then get her straight to work. She's had experience from working at Nandos where she's from so she should adjust quite quickly." Mrs. Grace said before taking Anna's notepad and pen and pushing her along. "I'll cover for you."

Anna nodded and made her way towards the kitchen where this new waitress was waiting. I groaned and realized a new, probably even more bitchy waitress was going to be working here. Haven't they gotten enough girls working here?

"I wanna meet her!" Louis chuckled as Mrs. Grace smiled warmly at him. Of course he's the favourite.

I looked outside and sighed, just wanting to go home, have a smoke, sniff some coke then head off to sleep. But considering the position I was in now, I will have to wait.

"Ok, so what will it be boys? The usual?" Mrs. Grace asked as we all shrugged and sheepishly nodded. She rolled her eyes playfully and shouted over to the cook, "THE BOYS WILL HAVE THEIR USUAL!"

The cook laughed and yelled, "ONE OF EVERYTHING ON THE MENU FOR TABLE 13!" That's our table.

"Well I'll be back with your drinks and whatnot." Mrs. Grace said before leaving.

"Wonder what the new waitress is gonna be like." Niall smiled excitedly as he breathed in the smell of chicken coming from other tables.

"Probably a stupid c*nt like the others waitresses are in this damn restaurant are." I chuckled quite loudly earning states from Addie, and Amelia, twin waitresses who I dated at the same time.

The only waitresses here I actually tolerate would be Mrs. Grace because she's not as bitchy as the others and Acacia, my dear younger cousin who just doesn't want anything to do with me and my popster life.

"Uh h-here are your drinks." A girl about my age approached us with a tray of beers. She looked.... Different. She had a sweet innocent smile playing on her lips, with a prominent dimple on her left cheek. She looked around my age, despite her height that made her seem at least four years younger than me.

She was petite too, but had a good amount of curves on her body for any man to die for. She wasn't totally skinny but she wasn't totally fat as well. She had a good amount of chubbiness that showed you that she was in fact healthy. Unlike the other waitresses here, her hair was a nice magenta colour that seemed to look red under the light but you could still see the magenta. It fell in soft waves framing her innocent face and reached just mid way were back.

I seemed to notice her honey brown eyes were barely surrounded by loads of makeup, plus they seemed kinder and warmer than Anna's icy blues.

"Are you the new waitress?" Liam asked her politely as he held out his hand. "I'm Liam Payne by the way. Nice to meet you...." He awaited her response and she quickly reached forward to shake his hand, balancing the tray in her left hand as she used her right. "Oh I'm Aria. Aria Hope. Nice to meet you Liam." She smiled politely before pulling away and placing the beers in front of us.

"I'm Niall! Thanks for the beer!" Niall beamed at her as he took a quick sip and burped making her giggle. I scowled and crossed my arms.

"I'm Louis, but you can call me Louis." Louis winked at her jokingly as she raised an eyebrow at him but smiled as she shook his hand and said, "my name's Aria but you can call me Hope, I can't really rhyme but this rhythm sounds dope." She winked back at him as Louis' jaw dropped in shock. "Oh my God marry me."

She rolled her eyes and pushed his beer towards him. "Bottoms up Lou." She said as he shrugged and drank eagerly from his bottle.

"I'm Zayn by the way!" Zayn shot in as he shook her hand. "Zayn Malik." He said as she grinned and nodded. "I suppose you already know my name considering your buds over there." She motioned to the three who were starting to get tipsy as they whispered and giggled while looking at me. I looked at them oddly before directing my gaze to the windows.

"And you are?" I was pulled out of my window trance by Aria who was looking at me questionably. My eyes bore into hers as I looked up at her from my seat. I don't know why but my throat was suddenly dry and I needed a beer. I reached out and grabbed mine and took a quick sip. "My name's Harry."

I mentally smacked myself in the balls when I noticed the beer dribbling down my chin. I did not swallow the drink before speaking, did I?

"Nice to meet you Harry. I've heard a lot about you." She gave me a look over before smiling and giving me a tissue. "If you boys need anything just holla!" She yelled as she ran back into the kitchen.

A moment of silence came over us as we sipped our beers in silence. When Niall finished his, he placed the bottle back down and folded his hands.

"So the new waitress, Aria Hope. Thoughts boys?" He asked us as we all stopped our drinking and looked at him. The bottle was still between my lips, so I shrugged.

"Well I think she's cute. Like puppy cute." Liam smiled as I rolled my eyes. "Liam you think everything is puppy cute." He scowled at me and ignored my comment.

"Well I think she's my soul mate." Louis stated as we all chuckled at what he said. He says that about everyone and I mean everyone, whether male or female who does something he would have done as well.

"She's really pretty." Zayn noted as Niall agreed with him.

"How about you Haz?" All eyes turned to me as they awaited for my answer. Their looks were dull, as if they already knew what I was going to say.

"She's... Nice." I shrugged, the bottle barely leaving my lips as I spoke. The boys looked at me in quite shock and disbelief as if they didn't expect ny response, but shook it off with a smile. "Cool..." Louis trailed off awkwardly as the boys silently agreed.

"Are you okay?" Niall asked quietly as I looked at him confused. "What the f*ck? Course I am." I snapped at him as he shrugged. "Well, you never really liked any waitresses here... I just expected you not to like the new waitress. At all." Niall frowned as I scoffed.

"I didn't say I liked her. I just did she was nice. As in she doesn't ditch as much as Anna, Mrs. Grace and the other whores do." I told him as he sighed. "Yeah until she gets to know you." Niall muttered as I glared at him and forcibly pulled him towards me by his collar. "What'd you say Horan?!" I spat at him as he looked at me in fear.

"N-Nothing. I d-didn't say an-anything." He stuttered, making me smirk at the fear I put upon his innocent mind. "Good." I said, pushing him back into his seat just as Aria and Anna came back carrying many trays of food.

"Enjoy your food boys." Aria smiled politely, brushing a loose lock of her long red hair behind her ear as she said so. Anna only scoffed and carelessly placed the trays in front of us. I glared her but shook it off, focusing on the food instead. I admit I was starving but I'd rather eat take out pizza than be served like this.

"Yeah, hope you choke on it." Anna muttered under her breath before pulling Aria away with her back to the kitchen.

Turning back to the boys, I realized they had all started devouring the food like pigs in front of us, especially Niall who was almost finished. "Pigs." I muttered lowly before shoving a chicken wing into my mouth and chewing at it furiously until it was just a bone.

An hour later we all finished,Liam raising his hand for the bill while I on the other hand headed out to the washroom to waz.

Rubbing at my now droopy eyelids, I entered the men's bathroom with ease, unzipping my pants in the process. "Oh it's you again." Her familiar voice filled my ears as I hurriedly turned around and stared at her with a blank expression.

"Um isn't this the men's room?" I asked her sheepishly as she nodded her head and pointed to the bucket of water she held in one hand and the mop in her other. "Yeah I'm on washroom duty now." She sighed and placed the bucket on the floor and began to mop.

"Well do you mind waiting outside because I'm kind of in the middle of something." I spat at her in annoyance, starting to hate the sound of her airy voice and just wanting to piss and get out of there.

"Being rude won't get you anywhere." She said as she placed the mop against the wall and turned back to me, crossing her arms. "I believe I deserve an apology."

Is she f*cking serious? Me apologize, to her? "Look I seriously need to waz right now so do me a favour and f*ck off." I scowled as I attempted to slowly push her out the door. To my surprise she was stronger than I had thought and stood her ground.

"I'm waiting for my apology Mr. Styles." She smirked as she tapped her foot on the ground making me stare at her in anger. WHO THE F*CK DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?! No one treats The Harry Styles like this.

"Don't tell me what to f*cking do alri! I'll be as rude as I want to be." She shrugged as she picked at her nails expectantly. "Waiting..." She sung as she swayed side to side while batting her eye lashes at me. I rolled my eyes t her behaviour, wondering if she was naturally this annoying or if she was just trying to prove a point.

"I'm not gonna apologize. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to waz with or without you standing there." I muttered as I turned and began to pull down my zipper. "Ok! May I take HD photos for my blog? I'm sure Directioners will just adore them." She beamed as she took out her phone. My eyes widened and I immediately zipped up my pants.

"You wouldn't." I stared at her as she pressed record. "Proceed." She smirked as I looked at we blankly. Wow she's serious.

"If I apologize will you f*cking leave?" I asked her, now annoyed as I grabbed her phone and pushed it into the back pocket of her jeans. "Yes." She nodded as I sighed in agitation.

"I'mreallyf*ckingsorryforbeingrudenowf*ckoff. There now LEAVE." I muttered coldly as I began to gently push her out the door.

"Nuh uh! Not until you say it nicer." She held her head high away from me, making me want to just wrap my arms around her neck and knock her out but I'm a man of morals and abusing girls physically is not one of them.

"Sorry." I told her completely emotionless.

"Nope!" She yelled as she crossed her arms again.

This went on for a few minutes, her running out of responses to my stories which ended up with her saying poop, STAHP IT, and some random animal noises. I found it amusing for the first few, but eventually I had it and just went with my senses.

"Look Aria, I'm really really sorry for being rude to you." I told her sincerely as I rested my hand on her shoulder. "Now can you please leave the room so I may release the dragon?" I joked as she laughed and nodded. "Alright, I'll be back in a few minutes to finish up the mopping." She said happily as she walked out the door.

Right before she left, she turned around again and smiled at me. "See what a little act of kindness can do?" She winked at me and shut the door, leaving me to my business.

I sighed and quickly shoved my trousers and pants down to my ankles and wazzed into the urinal, sighing in relief. I pulled up my trousers and walked over to the sink to wash my hands.

I glanced at my reflection in the mirror and furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. My cheeks seemed inflamed, a rosy pink replaced the usual pale surface. Then I noticed my eyes looked greener than usual, not like the dark almost black and red they were. My corners of my lips were turned upwards in a smile, one I haven't seen in a while.

My dimples could be seen as well, which was rare for me now because of everything that's happened. "See what a little act of kindness can do?" Aria's words traveled through my mind as I dried off my hands. What the hell does that mean? I admit, my mood seems happier than it was before I had this odd conversation with Aria... Oh, I don't know.

"YOU BETTER BE DECENT!" Aria's voice grew louder until her petite self burst through the door while she covered her eyes with one hand and windex in the other. "Yeah I'm decent." I chuckled as she removed her hand from her eyes and sighed in relief. "Oh good."

"You'd love it if I wasn't." I joked as she rolled her eyes playfully. "Oh Harold, please tell me something I don't know." She snickered as I raised my eyebrow at her questionably. "So you would like it?" I asked her seriously as she sighed.

"Sarcasm rainbow!" She giggled as she used her hands to draw and arch in the sky. I laughed and shook my head at her. I realized that I've been in here for a while and the boys might be suspicious.

"Well I better go. See ya Aria." I said as I began to walk away. To my surprise I was stopped my Aria pulling me back into a hug, her arms wrapping around my torso while her head rested on my chest. I was surprised by her actions, because I haven't gotten a proper hug from anyone, not even the boys or my family, in the longest time.

It was new territory for me but it was vaguely familiar. "Have a good day Harry." I felt her smile into my chest before she pulled away. Still in a bit of a trance, I nodded and smiled fairy as I walked out, waving at her like an awkward fellow until the door shut.

I smiled to myself as walked towards the boys who were all standing up from their seats.

"Are we leaving?" I asked the boys who looked at me oddly and nodded. "Yeah we have to get home and rest early because we have an interview and a signing tomorrow before the concert." Liam explained as we all nodded. Usually I would be pissed, considering I was hoping tomorrow would be a free day but I honestly don't mind. I guess.

"Cool. Let's go. I'm knackered." I said as I led the boys out of Nandos and back to the venue where Paul would be waiting.

"Is it just me or do you seem calm? Like happy- not pissed off at life -calm." Zayn noted as I shrugged, ignoring his comment and just walking.

"What happened in the bathroom?" Louis chuckled as I looked at him sharply before looking forward again. "Nothing, just spoke to Aria, that's all." I said as Niall's eyes widened. "WHAT?! Harry did you pressure her to go in there with you or something because I swear-"

"No Niall, I did not pressure her. She was on bathroom duty or obviously had to clean the men's room." I rolled my eyes, already expecting Niall to be jealous or pissed off. "Why do you care Niall? Do you like her?" I taunted him as he gulped and shook his head.

"No. I just don't like it when girls are treated like trash." He shot back as I looked at him and smirked. "You so like her."

"So what if I do? What are you gonna do about it?" Niall asked confidently as I scoffed. "Tell her of course. And tell her how much of an idiot you are and how mental she would have to be to like someone like you." I shot back defensively, feeling sick at the thought of these two possibly liking each other.

Niall's expression showed one of hurt and belief as he stormed off towards the venue by himself.

"That was low Harry." Louis shook his head as he ran after Niall. Liam sighed and followed after the two. I turned to Zayn, expecting him to leave but he didn't, which made me skeptical.

"You're not the Harry Styles I met at boot camp. You're just a demonic spirit in his body." Zayn looked at me with all joking gone in his eyes and was replaced with a sense of disappointment.

As Zayn walked off, his words hit me hard.

What Have I Become?

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