The Girl w/ The Purple Uniform

A collection of vignettes that I wrote :)


3. Treble and Bass

High and Low.
Up and Down.
East and West.

Separated they sound great.
Together they sound amazing.
Words cannot describe.

Together, they make a song.
They compose a symphony.
A simple melody.

It's just amazing.

When I'm alone in my room at night, I block out the world and listen to what each song tells. I pay attention to how Treble reacts to Bass and how they get along.
Sometimes, Bass sounds depressed and slow.
Other times, It's jumping around with Treble telling the perfectly imperfect story of how they help human beings express themselves through melody.

Treble and Bass help us out in life.
It sounds overrated, but they're always there.

They're one of the many beauties that are a part of what we call life, and I wouldn't like it any other way.

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