The Girl w/ The Purple Uniform

A collection of vignettes that I wrote :)


2. School

If you go to a school like mine, you already know the struggle.
It's like most of the school hates you and the only friends you really have are the teachers.
Everyone else is a bird.
Not even a pretty bird.
They're pigeons.
Of course, in every crowd of birds you could find a dove.
But after a while of observing at what you think are doves, most are actually seaguls.
Which is bad.
Seaguls act just like pigeons but aren't as nasty as them.
So instead of hanging around with the pigeons, you stick around with the seaguls.
But, like I said earlier you can find doves in this crazy mess of birds.

And after a while you become great friends with the doves.
And they make this school all the better.

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