Preferences and imagines

These are for anyone who wants a imagine of their crush or even of 1D. Sometimes you just want a girls night out with one of the girls from Little Mix. Maybe you meet Justin Bieber at a concert or Demi Lovato. Just think of anyone or anything and I'll write it for you. Sometimes I'll write a random preference so just comment your name style, person and what will happen thanks guys.
I do Clean and dirty.


4. ziall101

This is for a girl who is a fan of me. She's my number one fan.

(This will be a regular/ non famous 1D imagine.)

My name is Kat. That's just it Kat. Just a normal teenage girl who is inlove with cake.

Me and my friends were waking down the hall with one of my guy friends came up.

"Hey jinx."

I laughed and punched his arm playfully. We continued to walk to our class when all of a sudden the bell rung.

"Crap" I yelled running to class.

I loved music it was my favorite. Also because Mr.Daller wasn't gonna be here for a whole week. So that means sub!!

I finally got to class and opened the door. "I'm here sorry I'm late!"

I looked at the sub and my eyes almost popped out of my head. Holy shit he was gorgeous.

He had beautiful blue eyes and blond hair. I did see some brown roots so maybe he dyed his hair?

"What's your name?" He asked in a Irish accent I almost died hearing.

"Oh um Kat." I said shyly.

He sent me a smirk and I went to my seat. I hope he was under 25. Because since I was 18 we would be able to go out.

"Okey class my name is Mr.Horan I will be your sub for a whole week."

I saw all the girls look at each other and smile.

I also saw Madi raise her hand. (Like my cameo appearance lol)

"Yes you in the back." Me.Horan said.

"Yes 2 questions. Are you real and do you have a girlfriend?"

He laughed. Oh that laugh was so sexy.

"No las I'm single."

All the girls sighed in relief.

I smiled and raised my hand. "Yes you Kat,"

OMFG he knows my name.

"How old are you?"

He smiled at me and answered with a simple "22"

All the girls looked at each other and Mr.Horna winked at me. I winked back.

Was this really happening. OMFG.

"Okey come down. Everyone get with 1 partner." Everyone matched up with a partner and I was left alone.

I saw Mr.Horan come up to me. "I'll be your partner."

I smiled and smiled back.

"Okey everyone get a guitar. Mr.Daller told me that you guys have been practicing a song."

They all said yes and got a guitar.

Mr.Horan pulled out his guitar and started playing.

He can play guitar too. OMG kill me already.

"So here Kat."

I smiled as he placed the guitar in my lap.

I started playing hitting all the notes until I screwed on one part.

"Here lemme help you."

He got behind me and helped me play the notes. Then I felt his hot breathe on my neck.

"I saw you checking me out before." He said.

I smiled. "No I wasn't."

"It looked like it to me."

I felt him smirk as he slipped a piece of paper in my butt pocket then slapped my ass.

"Call me sometime sexy."

I blushed and continued to play the song.

Let's just say I had one hell of a week.


Hey guys I had so much fun writing this one.

This is for my home gurl Ziall101 read her story's there really good.



Insta- Madi_leigh_anne.

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