Preferences and imagines

These are for anyone who wants a imagine of their crush or even of 1D. Sometimes you just want a girls night out with one of the girls from Little Mix. Maybe you meet Justin Bieber at a concert or Demi Lovato. Just think of anyone or anything and I'll write it for you. Sometimes I'll write a random preference so just comment your name style, person and what will happen thanks guys.
I do Clean and dirty.


3. you met Demi Lovato

Y/N- your name.

Y/BFF/N- your best friends name

You were walking down the streets of Los Angles when you felt someone run into you.

"Hey watch where your going," you say.

The person stopped and turned around. It was a girl you noticed that but you also noticed that she was wearing a hoodie. You thought maybe this person was wanted. Maybe she was a murderer.

"Um, can you do me a favor?" She asked.

You know you've heard that voice before.

"Um I don't know you how do I know your not some kind of rapist or something."

She sighed as pulled you over into a Ally way.

"Do you know who I am?" She asked.

You shook your head. "Um, no am I suppose to, are you some kinda drug lord."

She laughed. "No".

Then she took off her hoodie and I almost fainted.

"DEM-" you were about to say then you were cut off by Demi lovato putting her hand over ur face.


You nodded and she put her hand down.

"Listen I wanted to know if you can drop me off somewhere do you have a car?"

I nodded and she put her hoodie on. You started slowly walking to your car and got in.

"Sorry about blowing your cover you know you don't really meet people like you every day."

She smiled. "That means a lot thanks!"

You soon pulled up to the place address that Demi gave you and she stepped out of the car.

"Hey um thanks for helping me." She pulled out 2 tickets to her Concert. "Here are tickets take a friends and here are these."

Demi handed me 2 back stage passes.

I almost died.

"I could hug you but the butt Warner's are on and I'm comfy. How about a girlfriend air hug."

You held out your arms and she did too.

"Were so weird."you said.

"Hey what's your name by the way?"Demi asked.

"Oh it's Y/N" you said proudly.

"Oh I love that name. Y/N it's pretty."

She thanked you and you started freaking out.

You called your best friend Y/BFF/N. "hey guess what were going to a Demi lovato concert in 3 days."

She started freaking out.

"OMG! Really when did you get tickets?" Y/BFF/N asked.

"I know someone. But that's not all. We get to meet her too."

That set Y/BFF/N off se started screaming.

"Calm Down girl save your screaming for the concert."

- hey guys so I stuck to 3rd person.

Remember of you want a personal just comment.



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