Preferences and imagines

These are for anyone who wants a imagine of their crush or even of 1D. Sometimes you just want a girls night out with one of the girls from Little Mix. Maybe you meet Justin Bieber at a concert or Demi Lovato. Just think of anyone or anything and I'll write it for you. Sometimes I'll write a random preference so just comment your name style, person and what will happen thanks guys.
I do Clean and dirty.


5. tiger99

I was walking home from a club at night when, I had a feeling that someone was following me.

I didn't dare turn around.

"C'mon Neha stop being a pussy." Isaid to myself.

I turned around to only see that a tall man in a black drench coat was walking at me fast.

Ah shit.

I started to run when i looked back to see if he was there. i felt myself run into something knocking myself unconscious.

I woke up in a strange room that wasn't my own.

I sat up holding my head in my hands and groaning out in pain.

But then I started to panic, maybe this person kidnapped men or even worse...

I heard the sound of a door opening and my heart started beating fast. I got out of the bed I was in and ran over to the corner to the room. Wow Neha nice hiding spot.

I heard the sound of the bed room door opening slowly and my breathe hitched.

"Hello are you in here love?" A man asked so very calmly.

I poked my head out slowly and he looked at me with his beautiful eyes that made my heart flutter.

"There you are," he said as he walked over to me.

I went back in the corner holding my legs to my chest and closed my eyes.

"no, love I won't hurt you!"

I opened my eyes and he was right up next to me sitting down against the wall with his legs sticking out.

"Why did you take me?"

"Because I saw you guy your head." See-he hesitated- Humans are good at healing."

I nodded. " yea I know I'm a nurse."

I smiled. "I nurse? Then what was a nurse like you doing at a club so late at night?"

"Well it was my birthday yesterday and me and my boyfriend went together but I found him kissing a dirty slut and I bailed."

I felt a tear slip from my eye but he whipped it away.

" my names Louis," he held out his hand.

"Neha" I shook it.

"Don't cry Neha. It was your birthday, now can you keep a secret. If you don't we will find you and kill you," he said with a happy face.

I nodded. " who am I going to tell. The babies I work with."

He chuckled. "Let's go."

He grabbed my hand and ran out side.

He let go of my hand and sat me down in a chair.

"Here stay lemme get the others."

Oh wow there's more of them.

I waited and waited until by the end of the woods I saw a, I think it was a dog. A very big dog.

It started running towards me and I got up from the chair. By then the dog was almost here,

"LOUIS!" I yelled but the dog stopped. Right in front of my face.

"Don't be scared." I heard... The dog say?

"It's me Louis."

I got up out of the chair. "L-Louis."

He turned around and called to the others.

I sank into the chair.

"I can't believe it."

"So all that in twilight was true?"

"Not all of it,"

"Oh what the imprinting?"

"No the whole vampire ware wolves thing,"

"Oh my god there's vampires too?"

He nodded.

"But about the imprinting thing Neha I-"

He was interrupted by the others coming along.

"Hey Louis!" They al said restyling around.

"Oh guys this is my friend Neha."

"Louis your friend is so hot." One of them said causing me to giggle and blush.

"Oh this is Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall." Louis said pointing out his friends.

I smiled and said hello.

"Now guys wanna have a BBQ tonight."

They all said hello.

" c'mon guys lets go change."

They all ran inside but Louis stayed.

"So what were you going to say?" I asked.

"Oh um Neha I kinda imprinted on you when you were knocked out."

I became silent. "What?"

" Neha I loved you when I first laid eyes on you. I want you Neha."

I smiled and hugged him.

I felt him turn and soon he kissed my lips with passion.

"Um Louis," I said in the kiss.


"Nice ass." I said. I looked at me and looked down.

"Ah shit I'll be right back."

He ran inside to get change.

Well I guess I have a ware wolf boyfriend.


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