Preferences and imagines

These are for anyone who wants a imagine of their crush or even of 1D. Sometimes you just want a girls night out with one of the girls from Little Mix. Maybe you meet Justin Bieber at a concert or Demi Lovato. Just think of anyone or anything and I'll write it for you. Sometimes I'll write a random preference so just comment your name style, person and what will happen thanks guys.
I do Clean and dirty.


1. spend the day with ur crush

Y/n- your name

Y/C/N- your crush name.

So there was this guy, his name was Y/C/N. He was the hottest guy in school.

It was now Sunday and I was sitting down watching the newest episode of Teen Wolf when you were interrupted by the door bell ringing.

You were the only one in the house so you had to get up and walk all the way to the door.

"What I'm busy-" you started to say until you were face to face with Y/C/N.

ok Y/N act cool.

"Hey what's up?"

Nailed it.

"Um nothin I noticed that you lived here and we had to move on your street because my grandma kicked my mom out."

"Wow that's terrible."


We stood there in silence until I spoke up.

"Would you like to come in?"

He nodded. "If your okey with it"

I nodded and we walked over to living room and sat on the couch.

I looked down and saw that I was only in basketball shorts and a tank top.

"Um, I'm gonna go get changed make your self at home." I said running upstairs.

I got in my room and brushed my hair and put on skinny jeans and a Minnie Mouse shirt and my red Jordan's.

After I put my hair in a side braid and ran back downstairs.

I saw him looking the through my video games.

"Hey," I said.

He looked up and smiled. "You look great Y/N"

You blushed a little and he picked up a game. "Oh I love that game," I said.

"You play?" Y/C/N asked.

You nodded. "Well DUAH my dad Dosent play this stuff he's a lawyer."

He laughed and put Call Of Duty Ghosts in the X-Box.

"Ready. Im gonna beat you," you said.

"Sure Y/N I'm the Call of Duty master."

I chuckled. "You said duty."

"Haha very mature"

We started to play when you shot Y/C/N in the game and killed him beating the game shortly after.

"Woah not fair." He said.

I laughed throwing my hands in the air saying I WON.

"That's it I'm gonna get you." Y/C/N Said jumping up and running after me.

I screamed and ran away.

He soon coughs up to me and grabbing me rapping his arms around me. But being me I slipped and landed on top if him.

Our faces being inches apart.

"Um, I..." Y/C/N started to stutter.

I smiled and pecked his lips.

He looked into my eyes. "Sorry I shouldn't of done that," I said getting up and walking away.

"No y/n. Wait." He grabbed your hand spinning you around.

"I, um kinda liked you for a while now and..."

"Me too,"

He looked at me again. "Really."

I nodded blushing "yea kinda."

He grabbed me face and kissed me deeply.

"Will you he my girlfriend Y/N?"

"Of course Y/C/N "

Comment your thoughts.

Just a lil bit of info.

I do clean, dirty, happy, sad, funny and serious imagines.

Comment your imagine.


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