I'll Make You a Cover!!!

You need a cover? Just ask and give me the details down below and we can get started. Please see my Chapter 1: Form!, to see examples and the things that are required! Also for each of your books please let me know if you like it or want me to try again I won't get mad or upset. Thanks! :)


1. Form!

   Hey guys so if anyone is new to this type of thing I'll explain, you see if you need a cover comment below and I'll do to the best of my ability to meet your needs and then I'll post it on a chapter and tag you. Then you can just download to your computer and use it as a cover. You may look at some of my covers that I've made to tell if you like them or not(except for "The New Games" that's not my cover). 



Author- (if you want don't want it on the cover that's fine just let me know)

About- (like the blurb or just make a summary so I can get the point)

The cover photo: (On each of my covers I have a photo and then I edit the photo to what I feel like it should look like)

Special- (is there anything special you want like maybe a quote or a special font, ect.)

My "Payment": 

All I ask is that in your blurb you mention that I made the cover so I can get the credit for my work :)

Thanks so much!

I hope you'll enjoy your covers!

(If you don't like your cover please let me know and I'll

delete it and start again if desired! I won't get upset)

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