I'm not doing this

Imagine you'll be set to fake date Niall Horan, what do you think will happen? Will Niall be the sweet guy everyone knows or you'll get to know a new side of him?


1. Chapter 1: I don't like you.

Niall was yelling at management who were standing beside him. Woah, calm down pretty boy.

"I'm not doing this, I can't stand a fake relationship"

"You're loosing fans and publicity, there's not enough drama in the fandom, we need a little bit of action" at this point Giselle (part of management) was really pissed and trying to make Niall reconsider the idea of fake dating someone, that someone being me.

"I just can't pretend to date her, I don't even know her" Niall said as he growls and his muscles got tense.

At this point I was really pissed, so I decided to step out of the room.

"He's an arse" I thought to myself, I can still hear Niall screaming at Giselle, he can't be bloody serious. If you ask me I don't even know why I accepted this.

My thoughts were really deep that I didn't heard my phone ringing...

"Hello" I said, clearly annoyed.

"Well hello to you too"Andrea said as I was trying to stay calm. "How's everything going with the new boyfriend?" I can hear Andrea's excitement through the phone, she still can't believe I was dating Niall Horan,even tho her boyfriend was Joe Jonas.

"Not that good, Niall refuses to have a 'relationship' " I said while I was walking down the stairs, then I heard someone coming down, the huge footsteps were closer, probably a worker from there.

"He can't be serious!"

"Oh, he is. He was beyond pissed when Giselle told him, you should have seen his face"

"Maria we have to go." I heard someone said, I turned around to see who it was, to my surprise it was Niall.

"I call you later" I said to Andrea and hung up.


"I said we have to go."

"I'm not going anywhere with you. I came here by myself and that's how I'm going home, BY MYSELF"

"Listen, I didn't choose to do this bu-"

"I didn't choose to do this either Horan." Wow, did I just cut him off?

"Will you listen to me?" I nodded "we need to start going out in public, so... That's what we are doing right now. Come on" are you bloody serious?

"Yes, I am."

"Oh god, did I just said that out loud?"

"Yes" he said laughing AND holding my hand. That bastard.

"I'm still not going"

"You have to"

"No, I don't"

"Yes, you do.

"I don't like you." I said clearly annoyed.

"At least we agree on something."


HI! This is our very first fanfic! So please, if you have any suggestions feel free to tell us!

Thank you for reading.

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