Forever? Forever.

Derek hale and hope stilinski
If you like it the first half is on my Instagram @wow_teen_wolf


1. nothing 😏

I woke up before Derek. It was freezing. I looked out the window to my house and there was snow falling... Great. My stomach hurt really bad. Then everything from last night came into play. Me and Derek. Stiles..... I looked back over at Derek. "Derek?" I whispered. No response. After a while he rolled over with his back towards me. I slowly traced his tattoo. "Derek?" Okay fine don't wake up I thought. Wait I have an idea. I got up and pulled up some of the blanket from his back. Then really fast I pulled down his shorts and underwear I slapped him really hard on the butt. He sprang up and I started laughing. "Good morning sunshine" I laughed. He rubbed his eyes and tried to figure things out. He smiled "your so going to pay for that!" He yelled and ran up to me. "No!" I ran out his room and down his stairs. I ran into the kitchen and hide behind the door. I covered my mouth so he wouldn't hear me breath. He came into the kitchen looked around and then ran out. I smiled he didn't see me. I walked out from behind the door. Then he grabbed me from waist and picked me up. I laughed. He put me down. I looked up into his eyes. He grabbed a piece of my hair and placed it behind my ear. " your so beautiful..." He said. I blushed and tried to hide my face. "Awe... I made her ink" he said quoting nemo. I laughed and sat up in the corner of the cabinets. "Are you hungry?" He asked. My stomach hurt more. I ignored it. "No, not really" I said as he opened the fridge and grabbing some grapes and walking over to me. "Want some?" He asked. I grabbed one a plopped it into my mouth. "But yet your not hungry?" He said smiling. "Ugh..." I said grabbing his cheeks and pulling him closer to me. "Ugh?" He said. "Yes ugh. Cause everything you do makes me love you more and just...ugh" I said. He smiled. I pulled him closer and our noses were touching. "I love you" he said. I smiled. He pulled me closer and our lips crashed. Every time I kiss him it's like the first time. It got pretty intense and I wrapped my legs around his waist. *fake cough* I looked up and saw peter. "Oh." I said and pulled off Derek. "We'll someone's awake." Peter said. Derek looked at the floor embarrassed and bit his lip. me and Derek went to the living room and we sat down on the couch. He lay down and I cuddled up next to him. He was propped up on one elbow and I played with his hands. "What do you want to do toady?" I asked. "Nothing..." He said and started to fake snore. And that's what we did.

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