Forever? Forever.

Derek hale and hope stilinski
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3. I'm first family?

Derek p.o.v

The doctor knocked on the door and my head pooped up. Hope was still asleep on her bed.She slept a lot from all the medication, and even though she was right there I missed her. I could tell everyone else did too. It had been 3 days. Still nothing... Mr.stilinski and I stayed there most of the time. Stiles and Bella tried to come up here but with the baby it's was always kind of hard. The doctor walked in and I stood up. "Yes, are you first family?" The doctor asked me. "Yes..." Mr.stilinski said. Wow... We'll then.... I can't belive he just said that. "Okay then..." The doctor said. "Can we speak in the hall way?" She continued. I got up. This was it. I walked up and listened to the steady beat of my shoes hitting the ground. What if she's slowly dying... I would bite her if I had too. But that could just make it worst. I can't have another Paige. "So.... We have found I couple of extra white blood cells...." She stared, snapping me out of my thoughts. The rest was a blur. They patted me on the back and left. Her dad walked into the room and sat on a chair and grabbed hopes sleeping hand.I walked outside. I needed some air. I pulled out my phone. I had to call stiles it was only right. He answered on the 2nd ring. "Derek? What's up?" He asked. "It's, it's hope" I said my voice cracking from the tears "Derek? Derek what happened? What's wrong" "she... They found out what is happening...." I heard hazel cry in the background. "What happened bro!? Tell me!" He said. "She has leukemia..." I said. I listed for 3 min. He just sniffled. "I'll be there soon..." He said and hung up and walked back up satires. There she was lying on her bed. Her face was pale. Tears filled my eyes. Why her? She's been through so much already. I pulled my hands up to my head and rubbed them trough my hair. I slid my back down on the wall and pulled my knees to my chest. I cried softly. I loved her. Absolutely loved her. And now she has cancer?! Everyone around me gets hurt. I'm always hurt because of the people around me. What if me being with her is hurting her?

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