Forever? Forever.

Derek hale and hope stilinski
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5. dreams

It's like what ever it is I can't get her out of my head. I just miss her like crazy. I feel like there is a part of me messing. I lay down in my bed and rubbed my fingers through my hair. My room was a mess. I got up and started to clean up a bit. I walked into the closet and found one of hopes shirts. It was a pink Button up with ties at the bottom. It was my favorite shirt of hers. I picked it up and put it on a hanger in my closet. After I finished cleaning my room I had had a pile of hopes things in my closet. Socks, shirts, makeup, and even some panties? I walked back over to my bed and sat down. It was midnight now. I rested my head and drifted to sleep.

~ I ran over to her. She had just got done with a mile run and was panting. I talked her legs and picked her up over my shoulders. "Babe I missed you!" I yelled. "Thanks? I was gone for 7 minuets" she said. "Yes I know! To long!" I replied walking into the back yard. "Ugh! I worked hard on that mile and now your telling me I'm slow! Sorry Derek! Not everyone can have supernatural power like you!" She said laughing. "You look pretty tired though" I said. "Derek don't you da-" it was to late. I tossed her into the pool. "Derek!" She yelled when she emerged from the water. Her face turned from angry to very perky in a madder of seconds. "We'll thanks babe! This feel great! But if you don't mind helping me out" she said swimming towards the edge of the pool. I walked over and grabbed her hand and slightly tugged her up. I leaned in and kissed her as I pulled her up. She yanked me in the middle of our kiss and pulled me in with her. I flew up out of the water. "Hope!" I yelled. She screamed and swam into the water. I swam after and caught up to her in a matter of seconds. I grabbed her ankle and pulled her over to me. She slid underwater as I pulled her and came out when I had her close to me. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close. "I hate you" she pouted. I pulled a piece of hair out of her face and behind her ear. "No you don't." I replied. "You love me." I said. "Hate you!" She insisted. "Love me" I said looking into her eyes. I knew they were bright red to. She slowly shook her head yes. I grabbed her cheeks and pulled her lips to mine. I pushed her back to where her back was on the edge of the pull. I licked her lips and she wrestled my tongue. Then I heard a giggle. I pulled away from her. It sounded like a baby. "Derek?" I looked at hope. She had no hair and had scars all over her. No! I looked around. I was in a hospital. "Sorry sir she didn't pass the cancer" someone said. "Derek?!" Who was that?! "Derek!" I started freaking out. The room was spinning and I was sweating a lot.

"Derek!" I woke up. It was bellawith hazel attached to her side. "Come on we got to get to the hospital.

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