Forever? Forever.

Derek hale and hope stilinski
If you like it the first half is on my Instagram @wow_teen_wolf


2. down...

I woke up, and clenched my stomach. It felt like someone stabbed me. I flew off my covers and I ran to the rest room. I threw up twice. Half of it was blood... I cleaned up and put my hair in a messy bun. I walked down to the kitchen and looked around for peptobismul. There was none... Great. I heard stiles come down with hazel. He stepped into the kitchen. He did a Fante smile. He grabbed the baby and went to the living room to go watch tv. I pulled down some stomach relief pills and opened the bottle. That's all I remembered.

I woke up with stiles hovered over me. "Hope? Oh my god are you okay?" He asked. He sat me up. My head throbbed. "I- I don't know what to do?" He said. My eyes started to flutter shut. He turned to me. "No! No hope stay with me" he said. He lightly hit me on the cheek. It hurt, but that was it. My eyes shut.

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