Forever? Forever.

Derek hale and hope stilinski
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7. better than words.

There is absolutely no word to describe the feeling I had when I saw her. No feeling, no emotion, nothing could compare to that feeling. It was amazing. I was in complete shock. She just sat there smiling at me. And I stood there like an idiot. I raised my hand to my mouth and started to laugh I was so happy. I ran up to her and hugged her so tight. I was not going to let her go. Ever. She started to cry into my shirt and I really didn't care. She was here. With me. She was back. "I've missed you so much." She said. I stayed quite. I took in everything around me. Her. Her hair. Her eyes. Her body. Her smell. Her personality. Her. Just her. I pulled away and just looked at her. She smiled after a while and looked down. "Are you going to say something?" She smiled. There was nothing to say that could tell her how I felt. The feeling was better than words. I picked her chin up and smiled. "No" I said while looking in her eyes. She had a confused look. "I've been asleep for over 2 months and you don't have anything to tell me? " she complained. "Gosh. I really figured this would go different with like crying and just the whol-"

Hopes p.o.v

He crashed his lips on mine. That shut me up. The kiss was so passionate and simple I realized I didn't need words. I just needed him and no one else. He pulled away and I just stared at his eyes. "There are no words to compare how I'm feeling" he said pulling my hair back from my eyes. "I love you so much." He said. " I love you too"

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