Forever? Forever.

Derek hale and hope stilinski
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4. 2months

It was dark. I couldn't move, but I knew I was awake. I tried so hard to move, to make myself wake up. I could feel. There was a scratchy blanket under me and the warm touch of someone holding my hand. My dad. I focused on my hearing. There was soft sobs, and constant beeps and coughing.the sobbing was still there. Dad... And stiles? No... Derek! He never cries... I tried so hard to open my eyes. I open my mouth. To do something. But the more I tried the more I lost faith, and strength. I was fading back to sleep... Or maybe not. 1,2,3 I jolted up. Nothing. I tried to scream. 1,2,3. I tried again. Nothing.... I couldn't take this. Knowing there out there hurting. Derek cried louder and patted something, or someone. I heard feet shovel to me. "Hope..." It was stiles. He kissed my forehead and grabbed my other hand. 1,2,3... Nothing. "D-Derek?" He asked. "Ya..." Derek said. "When is going to wake up..." "We don't know, she's under a lot of medication, it's just... She could even be in a comma, we just don't know." He said. I felt warm lips press against my forehead. Derek... "I miss her..." He said. "Me too..." Stiles replied with a kiss on my hand.


I felt someone touch my stomach. They were feeding me again. God I wish I could tell them... Tell them Im here and I can't get out. Tell them I am alive. That I'm okay. Tell them anything. Just to see the doctor. A face. Family. Derek... Someone grabbed my hand. "Hey hope... It's stiles..." He said. He was silent for a while. "God I miss you..." He broke down in tears. "I need you, and I can see it in Bella. She misses you like crazy. Haha if you could see hazel. She's so beautiful. And I think I'm going to propose to bella soon. It's what you would want. Or did want anyways." Did? Would? I'm still here. I do. I will want you to. "God you should see Derek... He's horrible. He misses you like crazy. Everywhere he goes he is just so sad. He needs you the most hope. Hope? " He started to shake and sniffled more. "I'm sorry... And if you don't ever wake up I want you know that I love you. Everything I said that night. I just I don't know what was wrong with me but it's fixed now. I'm so sorry. I love you so much and Derek. You two are perfect together and I wouldn't do a thing to splint you up. I just know you two are the ones." He cried more. "I just miss you so much" he was baling and let go of my hand. I heard the door open. "I love you" 1,2,3... Now or never. Nothing. I screamed in my head. 1,2,3 no. 123,123,123,123,123,123

1,2,3"bye" he said sniffling. 1,2,3 I jolted up. I took in a deep breath of air. I turned to stiles. His face was priceless. I wrapped my arms around him. Tears filled my eyes. "I-I misdet cho" I said. My word weren't right. He pulled away and smiled. "I missed you too" he said through sobs. "Let me go call everyone. Tell them your awake." He said. "Stiles!" I said. "Can we wait a while before, just chill. You me Bella and Derek?" I asked my talking fixing up. He smiled. "Ya..." He said walking out the room with his phone. "Oh... And can you not tell them... I want to surprise them. Just find a way to get them up here." I said. He Smiled. "God I've missed you." He said. He walked out the room. "Oh! Stiles" I yelled. He peeked his head around the corner. "Ya?" "How long was I... I'm you know..." I asked "2 months" he said. Holy crap!

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