Short Poems

(Used to be titled "I Sit in Class," but soon changed when I realized I wanted to do more poems. This is just a short book made up of poems that I created. Enjoy and please like/favorite! Thx!!!


3. This Stupid Dance

There's this dance,

I have no date

it's this weekend

so a date's too late

though I really like this guy

I wish he would ask me

but he's a year older

And those older girls get nasty

when you take away "their man"

even though he's not interested in them

it still doesn't matter,

they'll be mean just 'cuz he's him

and I see him glance at me in study hall

and we make direct eye contact

that's why I think,

that he might have an attract

to me,

but I just shoo off the thought

wouldn't he be more interested in the girls his age,

the ones that are "hot"

the one's that are made

to go with a popular dude

not a younger gal

not one who's not as popular

even though she's not as foul

and the cheerleaders are raising money for this dance

by selling stupid flowers

a boy can go up and buy one for his girlfriend

flooded with towers

of petals and a cheesy saying

wrapped around the stem

that say, "I love you so much"

fine then, go with him

and I never got one

I sat there by my lonesome at lunch

waiting for that special guy

to send me one

nope, I never got it

so, so far I am going to the dance alone

though I wish he would just pop up and ask me!

"Juliet, I'll be your Romeo!"

yes, that would be a dream come true

but then again life isn't a fairytale

no unicorns, no godmothers,

only wicked witches and evil elves

but then again I'm still young,

hopefully love will find its way

to a girl who will care

and need you stay






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