Short Poems

(Used to be titled "I Sit in Class," but soon changed when I realized I wanted to do more poems. This is just a short book made up of poems that I created. Enjoy and please like/favorite! Thx!!!


2. My Horse and I

I jump on my horse

and run like the wind,

not wanting to stop,

just do it again.

A huge graceful animal,

galloping underneath of me

A beautiful creature,

so muscular and lean.

He is my best friend

fore there is no one else

He loves me, and I love him

in all, in himself.

I grew up with my horse

he knew more about me than I did

and when I grow old an weary,

he'll be in my heart, so I won't forget

all our history together

the good and the bad

fore it lead to the cause,

which made me so glad.

4 blue ribbons at fair,

and more at open shows

when we're in the arena

we really glow

but as all things do,

he grew old

but was still a great horse to my kids

so wise, and so bold

but his oldness turned to sickness,

and in time he collapsed

the vet rushed out to help,

but it was too late, he crashed

down to the ground

heart went cold

stayed at the ground,

but still proud, so bold!

And I sobbed, and I cried

fore my best friend was gone!

He left me for what?

Dead or beyond?

And I swear I saw his soul lift up

it flew over to me,

whispered in my ear

"I love you, and will see you soon."

-so gently

then I soon grew old,

and died of old age

I made my way to heaven

so happy, and brave

And there he was, as he had said before

he loved me, and he waited

at the golden doors.

We reunited

and became young again

to the time when we were happy,

when we were best friends.

So we gallop across the clouds,

and if you look close enough,

you can make out the outlines

of our happiness is small, white puffs.

Now don't worry,

I know what you think.

Will you stay together forever?

Will your love ever sink?

But our love is too strong,

and for staying together forever, I don't know

but I do know this,

he will be in my heart forever

And I will love him so.

We will be reincarnated, yes

but remember this...

love stays with old souls,

if love is strong enough to survive...

and I think our love is.







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