Short Poems

(Used to be titled "I Sit in Class," but soon changed when I realized I wanted to do more poems. This is just a short book made up of poems that I created. Enjoy and please like/favorite! Thx!!!


5. Mean People

I'm tired of people,

being so mean

being so snobby

is it just me

who sees these mean people

all around

all the time talking

and bringing me down

I do have friends

but even they turn their backs

when I try to talk to them

about these facts

they just shoo it away

like it's no big deal

but even I know they're hurting

come on, let's get real

they only do that, so they aren't caught up in reality

facing the truth

of those peoples' brutality

and it's this way

every single day

every single week

and it really gets grey

when I have to go to school

and face these mean girls

I want to punch them in the head

and yank on their stupid curls

and throw them off a cliff

and...oh maybe I should stop

'if you don't have anything nice to stay

then don't say anything at all'

maybe those people just haven't heard of this rule

yes, maybe that's it

they should put this into mind

or I really might have to throw them off a cliff




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