Short Poems

(Used to be titled "I Sit in Class," but soon changed when I realized I wanted to do more poems. This is just a short book made up of poems that I created. Enjoy and please like/favorite! Thx!!!


1. I Sit in Class

I sit in class

holding my pencil

making a sketch

with help from a stencil.

I draw lots of hearts

"love's" written everywhere

I love him so much

but he doesn't care.

He's only interested

in the snots

the one's that I hate

the ones that aren't caught

by the teachers when they're cheating

or when they're being so mean

it seems like everyone sees them

as innocent, beautiful queens.

I don't know why he loves them

probably 'cause they're "hot"

but if you look deep inside,

they really are not.

Their face is caked with makeup

they're hearts are full of sins

they wear trashy clothing

they are mean under their skins.

So please notice your true friend

a person who won't stab you in the back

a girl who truly loves you

count my facts.

I'm caring, and loving,

would do anything for you,

I am very pretty

is that enough clues?

I talk to you seldom,

and when I do I get lost in your beautiful eyes

that just don't see that I'm the right one,

neither you, or other guys.

It's not just you that doesn't like me

it seems like it's also everyone else.

Is it 'cause I smell weird, look funny,

have ears like an elf?

People tell me I'm beautiful,

so why can't you see?

I love you so much!

You belong with me!

Please don't fall for these "hot" girls' traps,

I'm more of a true friend

even though I'm not the "hot" girl type

I'm still pretty when you look in.

So I sit there and continue to draw sketches

of beautiful hearts

and when I'm done, and realize he still doesn't love me,

I rip them apart.

Years pass by,

he still doesn't see

that I love him so much

that he belongs with me.

And at the end of my time, when I'm lying in my casket,

I see he's brought tulips

 lying in a beautiful basket.

He sits them by me grave

steps back to take it all in

and when I want to go tell him I love him,

I realize,

it's too late, that's the end.

He never loved me

therefore I must move on

so I spread my wings and fly

to heaven and beyond.

I sit on a cloud

I watch him frown,

as he steps back into his car.

Then I watch a tear escape from his face

it falls with a trace,

of sadness, and love, and regret

that regret of which I did not know

was the regret of though,

he loved me the whole time

and will love me to the end.







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