She Changed Me


1. She Changed Me ~ Description replica

"Everybody is just walking along concerned with their own problems, their own life, their own worries. And we're all expecting other people to tune into our own agenda. Look at my worries. Worry about me. Step into my life. Care about my problems. Care about me."

Self-proclaimed weirdo Avery Greene and the notorious bad boy Emerson Stokes have been living side by side for more than ten years. Although neither have payed attention to the other.

What happens when bad boy Emerson is running from a certain drug lord and needs help from the one person he never thought he would associate himself with?

Read along to go on the adventure which leads to adrenaline, love, pain, and maybe even heartbreak. //

This is just a replica of my story description. It does not qualify as a chapter.

However, please do not copy my book. If done, there will be heavy consequences. I will hunt you down with my group of sassinators. I guess I'm over exaggerating but I'm working hard on this and I wouldn't like someone to steal it and claim it as theirs. I know it might seem like a normal book but there will be a big plot twist later on.

Have fun reading my book as it progresses!


Nicky <3

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