Thuggin Ain't Easy

Kya and Roc Royal are in a relationship...They were in love until Kya learns that Roc is in a gang (He isn't famous). She leaves repeatedly but, keeps coming back


1. The Gang

~Roc's POV

"It's a gang!" I yell
"When you die I won't be around to watch just know that..." She shrugs
"Kya where you going with my son!?" I ask
"Chresanto I'm leaving" She stands up from the table
I only got into this gang because I had to. My dad was in it and so are both of my brother I had no other choice it was gang or die. Kya just don't get it at all and, anyway a gang will bring in extra money no matter what happens. A gang means when I die she'll get all this money and eventually Tayvion will take over. Trust me if one of my brothers could take over I'd make them but they can't so I guess Kya has to leave.
"Ok.....but when I die don't pay no type of respects!" I yell flipping the table
She runs back down the steps and then stares at me. I get closer to her but before I can utter a sound she grabs my shirt. I am heated with her right now after all I been threw with this girl and now because of this she wants to leave me. She already knows how I feel about her and now she's trying to just walk out on me after all I've done for her. If any time this is the time that I need her but, look at us she's leaving and I'm standing here mad.
"Chresanto. If you die I'll be dead with you because I love you to much to just let somebody kill you. I said I was your ride or die and I am no matter what. So if someone kills you I might just die trying to kill them!." She yells
"Get out!!" I yell
"Haha fat chance of me leaving..." She shrugs
Her smirk p*sses me off and I snap. I walk out the front door as fast as possible and drive to the warehouse. Only to find Vinny, Ray, and Tyga sitting there. I plop down on a stool over at the bar and run my hands threw my hair and hold my hands to my face. I notice Vinny shaking his head and I don't even look I just pull out my gun and fire a blank shot into the air.
"Dang Roc!" Tyga yells
"Tryna make us all go death!?" Ray yells
"Shut up!" I yell
Rayan mumbles something and Vinny smirks and laughs a little. I don't see exactly what could be so funny but clearly it must be. I wish I could kill us all right now, but I can't. I don't need these nuts anyway I can make it on my own but I can't quit this gang and make my own because firstly it'll be taking pops name in vien. Second dad wouldn't respect me one bit if he knew what I was about to do and what I want to do.
Pop ain't dead he just is 50 years old and can't run a gang.Then again I'm 18 what do I know about running a gang this man acts like he's to old for this. He doesn't have to act crazy and sell drugs, kill people, and hurt people but, he could at least sit around. I don't see pops being a threat as a matter a fact this gang isn't even a threat. I mean now that I'm boss all that's going to chance I don't play games with these people who think they "tough". I can think of three ways this gang would be the best.
First of all get rid of half the people, we only need Ray, August, Prince, Cohran, Vinny, Drake, Tyga, and myself. We are enough of a threat because, We look young and you wouldn't expect boys like us to be smart enough to run a gang. Secondly no more selling in just Compton nope, now we going to sell in Compton, South Central, and L.A. simple as that. Last but not least keep our wives and girlfriends as far away froim the issues as possible because, Jas, Jay, Chyna , and Kya will jump all in Ray, Vinny, Tyga, and I's a** and will probably get hurt to. We would be the top gang by the end of the year to and no more low man on the pole for us.

Kya's POV

I don't know about this. I did promise to be his ride of die but it's so hard now that he's in a gang. We have a son and, Roc doesn't know it but we have a baby girl on the way. I'm only 2 weeks but after a while I'll start showing and I know Chresanto, he won't take this lightly at all. He will snap and I know it and, I don't know why but he only wanted TayVion around. Ugh so much stress being put on me I don't even know why I bother dealing with him but I love him for some odd reason.
I have to stay or I'll probably go insane but I don't need to stay. I need to go be on my own and that's exactly what I am going to do no more being nice about this all he has done crazy stuff but now he has finally crossed the line with me. I continue to pack TayVion and I's things until I am all finished and, when I am I throw all of our stuff into the car. Tears and slow breathes are coming from my eyes and mouth I have always had Roc but now I'm leaving him until I CAN GET MYSELF TOGETHER. He will be so mad when he finds out I left him for good but it's whats best for us both.
Ugh I'm not even saying goodbye I'm just up and leaving him because of a gang but like I said it's best for us right now and we both know it. I get TayVion and put him in his car seat he is smiling at me and giggling only because he doesn't understand what is happening right now but if he did I'm sure he would be crying to. I buckle him up and slam his door and then I go around to the driver's side and climb in slamming my door. TayVion will understand one day but until he does I won't be living with Roc for the saftey of my baby, my son, and myself. I can't stay here until the baby is atleast 1 years old.

Chresanto's POV

I am feeling like something bad just happened but I'm not sure what I just know something bad happened but I'll feel stupid if I go home and all is well. So I am staying here and that's just it but I just shake the freaking feeling like something crazy bad just happened. I can tell it's Kya and TayVion because I only get this feeling when they aren't ok or they aren't home. I leave the warehouse and go home but when I get there no KYA NOR TAYVION NOR THEIR STUFF TO BE FOUND!!!!!!!!!.

Kya's POV (2 Years Later)

I smiled as everyone walked into the house for TayVion and Kaylah's party their birthdays are August 27th and August 28th. I sent Roc a text two days ago about the party but he never said he was coming. Even if he is it won't matter he won't be worried about the kids anyway he is probably selling drugs or killing somebody right now anyway. I was just about to shut the door someone slammed their car door and ran a little towards me. When I looked out the door there ran Chresanto smiling but then I was pulled back.
"Kya why would you invite him!?" He yells
"Because he is the father of my children" I nod slowly
"Ok but don't try nothing with him" He punches me in the back
I wince at the pain and then Roc walks in. He doesn't notice the look on my face but he does notice the kids laughing and giggling. TayVion runs over to him and hugs him and Roc pulls 10 bags from behind his back. I smile a little as TayTay open the stuff.
"Look mommy daddy got me a chain!" Tay smiles
"Awe" I smile
"Mommy I got earrings!" Tay screams
"Your ears aren't pierced" I smile
"And they never will be" Issa shrugs
"Haha who are you to tell me what my son will and won't have?" Roc ask
"Anyway...Lets see what Kaylah got" I smile
I go into the living room and get Kaylah from her play pin and we walk into the dining room. She smiles at me and Issa who she always has thought was her father and I have told he differently but she never paid much attention to it.
"Hey beautiful you know me?" Roc ask picking her up
"No" She shakes her head
"I'm your daddy" He smiles kissing her cheek
"I thought he was my dad" She points to Issa
"Nope" Roc smiles
He puts her in a chair and gives her the presents he got her. One of them is in a little box and I'm not sure what it is but she wants to open it so I help her.
"Be careful with that" Roc smiles
When I get it open I see thats it's a huge gold teddy bear on a chain. It has diamond letters on it and I must say it's beautiful. The words read "Baby Girl KayKay", Kaylah's face lights up with joy when she sees it and so does Roc's when he sees that she likes it. He wasn't around on her first birthday and I bet this will make up for it all. The thrid thing Tay-Tay opens is a bulls skully that has a pair of jay's that match the hat. I open up another one of Kay's gifts and it's a hoddie with the words "Roc's Baby Girl" and I must say it's to cute.
"Awww" I smile
"Man Kya bring the kids out here they can open the stuff later" Roc smiles

Roc's POV

Kya and I carry the kids outside the man who I am guessing is her boyfriend doesn't like me and I know exactly why but I won't say anything. He beats Kya I can tell he has hit her a few times and let push come to shoove I'll kill him. I dap Ray and Tyga as I walk over to the group of gang members. I just got done selling drugs with them earlier so I don't know why we so happy to see each other.
"So Roc how's it feel?" Prince ask
"What?" I smirk
I let Kay-Kay go and she runs off with the other kids.
"You know" Ray smirks
"Yo what are y'all talking about?" I scratch my head
"Issa. Kya. You" August smiles
"Man I'm not worried about that" I shrug
"Suuuure" Vinny laughs
"What?" I shrug
"Sure you don't care" Corahn laughs
"I don't" I shrug again
"Ok" Drake laughs
I shake my head at these fools because I do care but as long as she isn't asking for help I ain't helping her. That's between her and Issa if she wants to let Issa keep beating her I won't get involved but if I find out he touched my kids in any kind of way this man will be dead on site. Kya still loves me and I still love her I can tell she practically wanted to jump on me when she saw me but she played it off I guess.
"Kya!" Issa yells
"Yeah babe" Kya "smiles"
"Go get my blunts!" Issa yells
"Now Issa you can't be smoking around these kids and this pregnant women!" Kya yells
Issa makes a face at her and she speed walks into the house and he goes inside behind her. My face on instant crumples up I just want to kill him so bad but like I said if she isn't asking for help I'm not giving it out.
"Bro you know you want to do something" Vinny shakes his head
"Nah it's on her she left me" I shrug

Kya's POV

He punched me in the face and as I fell he kicked me. Nobody is around to see but I am crying and bleeding so he grabs his blunts from the dinning room table and walks outside. I don't bother to scream I just get up and go upstairs I have to go back outside but I need to wash my face and put more makeup over my eye first. Until I hear footsteps I am carefully washing my swollen eye trying to make it open but it won't it feels like someone has glued it shut and I don't know the magic words. I turn around to find Roc looking at me and when I see him I turn back around and look down so he can't see me.
"Um Kya can I uh use the bathroom?" He ask
"Yes" I shrug
I walk out and he goes inside and shuts the door behind him. I smirk at the door, I can tell he misses me but he won't admit to it I can honestly say I miss him but I won't be telling him that EVER. He is Chresanto Lorenzo Ramelo August and I am Kya Harmony Indigo Green and my last name will NEVER be August. At one point I wanted it to be but now that I see he can't man up to loving and missing me I don't even care about him anymore. Before I knew it he was looking at me again this time with a strong look in his eyes and it hipnotized me.
His face meant mine but before anything happened Issa came up the steps. Chresanto walked past him and went downstairs but I can tell Issa knew something that I didn't want him to know. Of course as soon as Issa heard the back door slam it hit me. LITERALLY. His right fist drove straight into my left ear I didn't even scream though I just fell to the ground and, while wincing at the pain I covered my face. He scoffed at me and then walked off all to be heard was the thump of me hitting the floor and the hard deep footsteps of him going downstairs.
I finally found tears they slid down my cheek and I didn't even whimper I just layed in place crying until I heard the door open. I jumped up and ran into the bathroom. Once I am inside I shut and lock the door my reflection catches my eye and when I turn to stare at it I don't see the same person I saw 2 years ago. This girl I see now is beaten badly with huge bruises and, a skinny face from starvation but, just two years ago her face was fat and beautiful. Her face was never beaten up except for when she hurt herself.
I began to cry again so I sat down on the floor and banged my head against the door I wish I never left Roc I wish everything would just go back to normal but it can't I messed up. I could've just excepted the fact that he owned a gang and, the fact that either way gang or no gang he still loved me I just couldn't except it and now I'm here half dead. Chresanto never hit me well, maybe a few times but only when we argued and it was only because he was angry with me.

Roc's POV

Kya hasn't came back outside yet I sent Jay to check on her but Jay said she didn't see Kya. I hope she's ok because she looks different from the last time I saw her. She got skinny, her face is bruised, her eyes are beaten they don't even look like their brown, and her body is way to slow. I just don't know if I should help or not let alone if Kya wants my help or, if she wants me to back off. I don't worry about it to much because I see her come back outside and she waves for me to come over to her. So I do she smiles at me and then pulls me inside, I just hope she knows Issa saw her.
"Can you please help me?" She ask
"With?" I say as if I didn't know
"Get me out of this situation" She says
"Yeah be ready at 10:30" I shrug
"Roc he'll catch me" Tears begin to fall from her face
"Kya. You trust me right?" I ask
"Yes" She nods rapidly
"Ok I got this just do as I say be ready at 10:30 if you're not outside by 10:32 I'll come in and get you" I wipe her tears
"Ok" She nods
We walk back outside but I notice Issa yelling at Kaylah and Kaylah is crying. I watched for a moment just to see what would happen but then Ray tapped me on the shoulder. I didn't turn around to see what he wanted I just watched Issa until I heard a very strange voice. I know I've heard it before but I'm not sure what the person's name is I feel like it's Julian and Day Day. I finally stop watching and when I turn I see JULIAN AND DAY DAY smiling at me.
"What's up? Roc" Day Day daps me
"Oh what's up bro?" I smile
I hear a loud slap and I turn around to find Kaylah sitting on the ground about to cry. She is rubbing her eyes making a sad face that looks just like Kya and then the screams begin. Issa hit her and now I'm going to hit him because first of all that's my daughter. Secondly he isn't her father and, third he probably didn't have a GREAT reason to hit her. If he does I still don't want to hear it I just want to beat his a** real quick and get it over with.
"Ayo who hit her!?" I yell
"Chill Chresanto" Kya grabs me
"Nah get off me Kya. I said who hit MaKaylah!?" I yell
"I hit her!" Issa stands up
"Keep your dirty nasty f*cking hands off my daughter. You ain't her father!" I yell
"Roc chill" Kya pulls me
She pulls me back stronger than ever before her strength was weird I never thought her grip could be so tight. When I turned to look at her I could tell she wanted to tell me to just leave it alone but she didn't she just held me back. Makaylah stopped crying and walked over to me rubbing her eyes once again. She looks up at me with her big brownish-green eyes and reaches for me. So I pick her up and play with her and, Kya lets me go which I knew would happen once Kay-Kay stopped crying but I miss the feeling of Kya touching me already.
"You ok baby girl?" I ask
"Yeah" She giggles as I tickle her
"Ok. So Kay you want to come live with daddy?" I ask
"Um will mommy let me?" She ask
"Of course. As a matter a fact I'll ask right now" I smile
"Ok" I put Makaylah down and she runs off
Then I turn around to see Kya laughing with Jay and Jasmine. Jay is pregnant and Jasmine is Jay's twin sister but, Jay is married to Vincent and Jasmine is dating Rayan. Which personally I find weird because like what if one day after Jay has the baby Rayan and Vinny can't tell the difference and Rayan ends up trying to talk to Jay. I swear I'd pay bread to see that I really would.
"Kya come here" I say
"Ok" She smirks
We walk inside and stand inside the kitchen once again.
"Yeah?" She says
"I'm going to take Makaylah and TayVion home with me that way you won't have to worry about them" I shrug
"Ok I got to pack their bags first" She smiles
"Rdd" I smirk
As she walks past me to go upstairs I watch that a** move. It's just as big as I remeber and later I want to get some of it just for old times sake. She knows she misses the zilla and I know she misses it to.

Kya's POV

I smile as I go up upstairs and when I get up there I hear the back door open and close. Roc probably just went back outside and, I am walking down the hallway to TayVion's room. I smile as I pack his things until I see Issa out of the corner of my eye. He has an angry smirk on his face and I have no clue what he is about to do. I have about a good 4 ideas about what could go down right about now. I continue as if I don't see him standing right there which I guess made him even more angry or whatever.
"Kya!?" He yells
"Yes?" I turn around
"What are you doing?" He ask

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